Saturday, December 28, 2002

Well, I've done some thinking. This seems to be the random thought of the day, but oh well :
Slave labor fucking sucks. I'm going to make a resolution to search for only the clothing not made by bastard companies who use slave labor...
Monsanto fucking sucks. Unfortunately, White wave is a subsidiary... damn ... I'll add to this later.

LATER is NOW. (Edited at 10:25 pm on 12-29-2002)

I did some research and this may be a bunch of PR bullshit, but here are the supposedly safe companies I found ... THE GAP has rules against such dehumanization !!! WOO HOO! Also, supposedly, neither Georgi Armani and Thomas Pink Companies have factories in developing countries. But Polo Ralph Lauren has NO CODE OF CONDUCT AT ALL in regards to slave labor and etc etc etc ...
another store with a code of conduct, with inspections and etc against such inhuman behavior is Timberland, so my next pair of shoes will be from them. Next we have food and groceries ... both Safeway and Wal-mart are safe. Here's the bad news though:
Monsanto actually owns White Wave, a company which makes Silk (Soy milk). Silk is the best brand of soy milk all-around, and is much better for you than normal milk, but while Whitewave is supposedly against genetic modification of foods until our scientists (genetic mechanics) know more about what's going on under the hood, Monsanto has done repeatedly sick and dangerous things with their products; most recently, they've been trying to get permission to use their own form of "Round-up" on their food products ... ROUND-UP ... ON THE FOOD WE EAT!!! How's that as food for thought? Oh, and if all else fails, there's always buying from a second hand store... although that sort of bothers me. A lot.