Saturday, December 21, 2002

Songs of the moment: Gothic Sandy OC Remix , by Mazedude, and Monster Condo by Chuck Dodgers (Doom2 song remixes) both from

WHOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!
(but I still fear for my grades ... *shivers*)
And then I went out with Susan and Alex to Coral & Eddie's Youth House ... essentially a place for ADHD teens to hang out ... sometimes fun, sometimes nice, but always dangerous and scary =P ... well, not that bad. As soon as we got there, Eddie was just taking off because he had to go be at a Christian store from 8-12 to discourage shoplifters. Shoplifters ... shoplifting ... on the busiest Saturday night ... of THE HOLIDAY SEASON ?!! What the hell are they doing in a Christian store, anyway ?! Well, I'm not Christian, and don't claim to know the mind of god, nor claim to know of anyone who does, but it's always good to see others standing up for what they believe in, so hey, people, don't be hypocrites to your own beliefs. If you believe, then PRACTICE YOUR RELIGION, if you don't, or if you're a "passive" believer, then you don't really follow "your" own religion, now do you?
Anyway, Eddie's strategy when a shoplifter is identified, is to ask politely if the person needed a basket because he knows that the person didn't want to accidently leave the store with it, or for anyone to think that person was shoplifting ... brilliant !
After eating a whole bunch of veggies and some pastries, and after a theological discussion and an academic one with the other Jamie and with Coral, I met back up with Susan and Alex, and we went to TGIF's for some mudslides! After downing two of 'em , and after Susan drank one and then another alcoholic drink (Alex mentioned that they were all named after some kind of natural disaster! ... "Finish your natural disasters so we can leave!" so, Susan paid for the drinks (Now I owe her... and if I get the job at the Planetary Sciences building, then I'll owe her even more , not to mention that she drove me home! ) and tossed me the keys, and we to see "The Two Towers", while Alex paid for the tickets.. ^^; ! It was incredible ! There were some techincal issues that I didn't really agree with, but I still loved every aspect of that movie!! Smeagle/Gollum was INCREDIBLE !!! the 3d animation and motion capture that went into creating him was just incredible ... I heard that the motion-capture actor had to do just about everything that you see Smeagle/Gollum do in the film... some of the best acting done by an actor whose face you never even see throughout the whole movie, eh ? :-)