Tuesday, December 17, 2002

A friend's aim profile:
Hi, many of you know me as the jovial [*Edited name*]. But this away message is of the utter most urgency and seriousness. If you care about me at all, %n, you will message **[Edited AIMname]** and say to him "no love for you".
memorable quotes from an otherwise shitty semester-

"that's like a peppermint fuck to my brain"

"no Ron, i'm dancing on this grave because i'm cold; not because i'm possessed"


"dude, i just had this dream in 372..."

"le chat?! thats a lame french name. Call me Poodle."

-my coccyx

"he didn't even recognize me, i'm bald now... and i have boobs like Ron"

End quote
And thus begins the start of PROJECT "FOO" !
I'll be working on a better language name, but I like "foo" for now. It stands for Functionally Object-Oriented, but if you want to be a jerk about it, I suppose you could also call it "fool". At any rate, stage one is to create and test a foo2cpp translator for the feasability of all my ideas. So, my little translator, I shall dub thee "Parasite" ! I shall be implementing the first one in linux, just to be fast and furious ... I hope to finish over the break, even though that may be an impossible task, considering family is coming for the holidays...
Well, apparently, this web site works fine in Opera 6.05 as long as you're not using Windows XP !!! =P MEH!!!!!!