Sunday, December 15, 2002

Here are instructions to add an online detector to your AIM Remote sidebar. =)
After messing around with 7 different browsers, along multiple versions, in my quest to make my site more viewer-friendly, I can honestly tell you which browsers suck.
Netscape 7 is perhaps, the best, with Internet Explorer 6.0 just barely behind.
Of course, since NS 7 is free, doesn't need the latest Windows OS to run, and includes AIM installed with it, is also very polite as far as what features you want, and not to mention the javascript console to check for errors, and the multiple tabs within a single window, whereas IE forcefully integrates its instant messenger and passports into EVERYTHING, and makes you hunt down all the places you need to turn it off, I like NS 7 the best. Still, IE-6 is pretty much the best browser in terms of quality and performance, and not to mention that the blogger editing page looks a helluvalot nicer in IE6 than anything else I've seen it in.
Next we have Mozilla ... There are a few errors, but Mozilla is another quality browser, a bit below NS7 and IE6, because of the kinks and bugs not worked otu yet, but for open source and freeware, it rocks... and of course, it's **much** better than *all* of NS7 & IE6's precursors. A step below that is Konqueror ... yes it's oldschool, but the features are so darn cool, expecially with its integration in KDE ... another step lower, we have Netscape 6.2 ... I hate 6.2. Buggy and ugly and slow. Very buggy. I hate it.
Moving on... we have Opera6. WTF. What is with all my opera javascript errors? They don't make sense, the javascript error-reporter gives a bit more easily understood error descriptions, but is totally useless since it doesn't even report the LINE NUMBER OF THE FREAKIN' ERROR!!! =P how useful is THAT?!
Not to mention that Opera6's javascripting and DOM and DHTML support in general, bites. it bites hard. Now, other than that, Opera's got some really cool features and a bazillion customization features ... if it wasn't so pushy about sticking ONLY with the standards -- i.e. if they decided to be a bit more compatable with NS & IE and the cool DHTML & DOM stuff, then I'd more than willingly rate it up in the top with NS7 & IE6 ... alas, such is not the case. Simply because of the lack of support for much of the non-standard javascript features used by the browsers that brute-force their own standards, I dislike Opera6 ... and that is *the worst reason* indeed to hate it, since that is why it's so elegant. I'll have to look at Opera 7 to see if there are any changes. Finally, we have Phoenix. A mozilla/gecko clone essentially made for the purpose of being fully cross-platform . Urm... I thought that was also the case for Mozilla and Chimera ... ? Sorry, I won't pretend to know the details, but it's still eerie !
Well, that's my lil rant for the day !