Wednesday, December 11, 2002

This page converts itself by a nontrivial amount(actually, by THE trivial amount, but only people who know linear algebra will get that stupid joke :-p) to look properly in different browsers. It looks *the* best when viewed in the latest versions of IE (6.0 or greater) or Netscape (7.0 or greater) on Windows :=p
And a shitload of dhtml and javascript+blogger's cool blogging system make it all possible !
(sorry, mac users ... you get the butt-ugly version =P . I have nothing against macs ... especially now that they're a linux hybrid ! I just don't own one yet =P )

This page was edited entirely in Textpad ( from the ground UP! All the navigational art and the background art started their lives pixel for pixel in Microsoft Paint, and when they were old enough, they moved onto Adobe Photoshop, where they learned the art of gradients, and once they grew up, they decided it was time to move out to the web !

The site still looks *acceptable* or better in the following browsers when the monitor is at least at a resolution of 1024x768:
Internet Explorer 5.X and better
Netscape 4.X and better
Mozilla 1.X and better
Phoenix 0.5
Opera 6.X and better
Konquerer 2.2
Still untested :
Internet Explorer 4.X,
Macintosh versions of Netscape/ Internet Explorer/ Mozilla/ Opera
Opera for XP understands neither the DHTML NOR the dynamic DOM functions

And you guys are free to take a look at the various stats on my Site Meter account
this'll give you all the cool details such as what percentage of viewers are using which browsers on which domain, in which language, in what time zones, and what standards the software supports ! It's pretty darn cool !
Heh, here's something that y'all should get a good kick out of !

Top 10 Signs You're Not a Very Good Shaman:
10. Your drum and chant ends with "Hey! Macarena!"
9. You find your animal totem in the other world, and it pees on your leg
8. Your psychic visions are interrupted by commercials
7. You're making a medicine wheel when someone comes up and starts yelling, "That's my steering wheel!"
6. Bored with the sweat lodge, you ask the guy beside you to pull your finger
5. You're asked to put out the sacred fire in your apartment
4. You put on the wolf skin and begin chanting, and then you hear a growling sound in your ear
3. Your spirit guide did ten years in the state penitentiary, wants to know where the action is
2. You believe you're taking a mind-altering substance, then your wife asks where her birth control pills are

1. You thought Soul Retrieval was a James Brown song

The credit for this funny top-tenner goes to
Okay ... I have no idea why I added Mike2 to my website team ... I guess I wanted to see if I could do it. It's a pretty damn cool setup which I haven't noticed before ... so for everyone who doesn't know, for each *website* you have with blogger, you can add team members, who can be administrators or just normal team members. It's pretty damn cool ! But now I know I can do it, I'm not sure I really want *any* other friend to be able to put posts up . Sorry, Mike ! =P

Oh, and btw ... I have one hellofa story to tell about last night !

More pictures ARE on the way !