Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Okay, guys... here's a host of great images for your viewing pleasure !!!
Please note: that all but the first four of these images are quite tasteless and offensive, but certainly not R-rated at all (even though I'd give the last one a PG-13 rating), so right now I urge you to A: double check that you want to view these images, and B: if you do, then check to make sure no one around you will be offended ...

Visual Binary ++ !

The Fragmenter !

PopUpAnywhere !

The Lumpy Distribution !

The Orange Hat Distribution !

Scream of Wheat !

Dante's "Cold" Cereal !

The Classic painting of the image whose download could not be completed !

The Collector !

George W Bush

Bush, again


A Clockwork Cereal !

THE MOST offensive (fake)advertisement to ever be banned from all televised media
Okay, at the moment, this page is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5.x or better and Mozilla 1.2.x or better @ 1024x768 or better resolution. In Netscape 6.2, there's some strange rendering error that I can't control, and in Konquerer (the old Konquerer) The posts are not confined to the small block in the center, and just scroll down the page like a normal web site -- which isn't a bad thing ... the errors could've been worse. In fact, I'll probably just make a filter for Netscape browsers and make the website do the same thing as it does for Konquerer so I can get around the darn text-rendering bug. Finally, I fixed the strange problem I was having with Linux-spawned browsers when clicking on the subdirectory buttons, which was rather bizarre, as well as the text-rendering problems I was having in Mozilla.
oh, btw ... here's Charmane's brilliant analysis of time and effort