Monday, December 02, 2002

Well, here it is, for better or, hell...what am I talking about...simply for worse...I give NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER....
My C# +e+ris clone!
Left arrow is left,
right arrow is right,
down arrow is speedup,
and up arrow is rotate.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any crap that may happen to your computer while playing this game.
By the way... if you haven't used Windows automatic update in the past few months, you need to install the Windows.NET's 20.4 megabytes
in order to play the game, or run any ".NET" applications. Gawd...Well, I hear they're including it in the next release of Windows, anyway, so it shouldn't matter much in another few years...jeez...well at least you don't have to download as much as the java virtual machine...gah!

The game is not done yet, the refreshing sucks and needs to be recoded to get rid of that stupid blinking effect, it only goes up to a certain speed, you can't choose your own level yet, there's no sounds, the cheat menu isn't enabled yet, the high score saver isn't encrypted, the high score only gives one high score and not any names, etc...etc...and finally, there might be one or two more bugs I don't know about. Ye gawds, the joy of programming. But the cool thing is that this code can be used as a springboard for old-school style side scrollers, like the original metriod...albeit quite different and the graphics badly need to be redone...but a guy can dream can't he? =P
If these bizarre bugs keep occuring on my web page, I'm just going to strip as much javascript from it as possible. I don't need the snazzy stuff, although it'd be nice. There are alternative routes to keeping this page the way it is...I'm looking into it after I finish this semester, though! Back in school...I'm behind in my work, nothing interesting is happening...friends are distancing themselves, family is ....well....acting in the way that only family can act... everything seems to be normal ! Wonderful ! I guess that means it is time to move on and continue my search for a good job! We'll see what happens.

Oh, and btw, it's official...ritalin IS safe, and not only safe, but actually enhances brain development in adhd children...
Follow this link for the details.
Ha. Nothing even needs to be said. Y'all know who you are ...
But just in case, I'm going to search for the medical journal to verify the findings, because you never know what kind of stupid $#1+ that the media will endorse these days...
current examples:
the claim that beef and milk are now healthy just because they contain trace amounts of a beneficial anticarcinogenic chemical compound.

the total downplaying of the seriousness of black mold...or at least the seriousness of the symptoms of the people whose homes are contaminated with it.

the claim that specific "dental" and whitening chewing gums as certain trident and dentyne products are actually beneficial to the teeth because of certain calcium secretions they give off, as well as the production of excess saliva to help break down excess food particles left in the mouth, neatly stepping around the fact that they contain simple sugars, aspartame, and/or phenylalanine, not to mention the fact that some people are predisposed to storing a bit of sugar in their saliva -- I'm not sure what this is called, but it's not actually stored IN the saliva mind you...I think...regardless, excess sugar and excess saliva can be quite harmful to the teeth, not the opposite !

And speaking of simple sugars, DON'T USE ASPARTAME OR PHENYLALANINE ! You're better off eating the real thing (unless you're diabetic, in which case, the following doesn't even apply to you!) Why? Here's what happens when you eat that stuff:
along the route to being digested, the food you eat goes through a series of filters and detectors...several of these detectors search primarily for signs of simple sugars. ENTER: fake sugars...Most fake sugars...such as aspartame/phenylalanine trick these detectors into thinking that they're detecting sugar when they're the body releases insulin into the bloodstream, ready to pick up sugar that isn't there...the body gets tired...and worse, since the insulin isn't picking up any sugar, the body sends a signal to the brain saying, "You're still hungry. Eat MORE!" So is "diet" cola really "diet"? Not in my opinion. =)

There's more...but I'm bored. =P

Come on, people! THINK !