Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Well well well...last night was most definitely an interesting night for wasting time...I worked my butt off, but I'm still right where I started...nowhere...Well, not really. I've got Tetris! Andy was going to be nice and let me turn this extra credit assignment in a bit late, but To hell with it. He's already setting up another extra credit project that's due at the end of the semester...something to do with XML serialization. sounds entertaining...I feel so damn woozy...Gotta call home and find out what's up, and EAT! I brought a lot of food to school with me yesterday, and I've gone straight through it! It seems that Tuesday was indeed the last day of classes for the week, so I AM VERY F***ING HAPPY! INCREDIBLY HAPPY. this web site...Technically you can highlight different parts of the posts in Netscape and while you still aren't able to read what the text says, you can tell it's there because the status bar still says there's a link there....dammit, My javascript is fine as far as I can tell, but Netscape still isn't registering! I don't get it, as soon as I get the thing working in two browsers, there's another few that it doesn't like anymore...MSIE 5.5, NS 6.0, Mozilla 1.0 & earlier....meh
I say MEH !!!! MEH!!!!