Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Oooh. my eyes hurt... I've been programming, html-designing, and working with art programs since early Saturday....And I'm only getting into the meat of my labor now! The only reason I'm doing this is because Blogspot needs proof that you can design webpages before they'll let you enter their li'l web design contest...So here I am, working hard and fast on a new web page template for my site. =D.
I think y'all will be pleased. So far, the toughest thing was ( and still is) picking out the best color palette. Everything else is/was just LOOONG, including the date-checking, automatic quote updating, automatic poll updating, automatic picture archiving, automatic archive tree-node system, the css, jss, and js, the images made from scratch...*whew*...! Did you know that if you copy your blogger AD code into your template, you can move it around? I WOULDN'T HIDE IT IF I WERE YOU....you might get in trouble...since they obviously have some sort of check for this in order to both trust and allow a blog user to mess with the ad code. and ya don't want to get in trouble! But say if the opposite was true, where part of the ad was hidden behind your original template, or if you just wanted to move it for aesthetic purposes, then this is your solution. Aren't the blog people so nice for allowing us to do that?

Heck, the only reasons I want to enter this contest are:
A: it gave me a reason to get better acquainted with the internet's most commonly used languages,
B: Once I'm done, I can put this site on a resume, stating, "I did THIS!"
C: If I win, I can put blogspot on a resume, stating, "I did THIS!"
D: If I get honorable mention, I can put that on a resume, too -- but I probably wouldn't want to put it on a resume unless I won =P
E: If I win, there'll be prizes!!!
F: Because I'm so idiotically full of myself, I want to see how I measure up with everyone else =P
G: For fun
H: Because I can use these skills in a job, and I'm JOBLESS RIGHT NOW!