Friday, November 08, 2002

Okay...those are the only ones I'm posting for now...My limit'll be 1-2 every few weeks :-p
Now off to class!
What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Light Cycle.I am a Light Cycle.

I drive fast, I turn fast, I do everything fast. I even breakfast. I tend to confuse people with my sudden changes of heart. Sometimes I even confuse myself, which tends to cause problems. What Video Game Character Are You?
Yeah, I know...I'm trying to stay away from computers today...but this is really quick!

How Smart are you?

Ha ha ha....thanks, Charmane! I looooove compliments!
To answer your question, I go to the University of Arizona!

Now...finally...time to take a much needed rest from all things computer-related!
Whoops... 4:30 ... I'm a little behind schedule =D...I guess I was goofing off too much...but I'm DONE with my CompSci 372 homework!
*attempts to scamper off to school but trips on feet and falls alseep before hitting the floor*
I guess I'll spend the rest of my time working on my computer science 372 homework...that's due tomorrow at 2:00 anyway. Then I'll clean the kitchen and get an early start to school. Maybe just catch the first is the first bus...?....4:37...hmm....too early...If I cleaned the kitchen then (and in the process, waking up EVERYONE), I'd never hear the end of it....I'll need to start the kitchen at I have 2 hours to do my homework...half an hour to get ready to go, 15 minutes to make breakfast and another 15 to eat...I'll get done cleaning by 5:20-35...leave at 5:40...and take the 5:58 #8 bus on Broadway to school. Then I can go to sleep at the Gould-Simpson Building...I can pass out on the couch in the computer-science student lounge =P. Security cards rule !
That gives me about 2&1/2 hours to sleep...I think I'll pass out in the Chemistry Building Auditorium a class there at 9.

Heh...This is what I hated about the Ritalin....I could simply do anything I put my mind to, and focus on that for hours on end...I could commit to a project and finish it, without feeling a need for food or was was...IT IS dangerous...and I'm back at it again. Oh least my grades'll make a comeback.
Well I signed up for all the high-profile search-engines a few days ago...we'll see how many hits this place gets in a few weeks, eh?
Halloween picture...this seems to be the scariest =P Who ever thought Mike would look so good in that costume? Oh, wait, oops, that's Christina. Mike's the one on the left. Well, it is a Halloween costume !

The youngest member of NukeCD? This is EmbersAlight, one of the artists for nukecd... She sent me this picture with permission to post, and so...I did.

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