Wednesday, November 06, 2002

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I talked to Ariana a little while ago. She seems to have a cool job, working with the faculty and staff of the CS department. Dang...everyone has a cool job... Susan's got one working at the Astronomy department... gets to work where she wants, when she wants, keeps her own hours, can't work more than 30 hours a week... and PROGRAMS!!! lucky lucky lucky .. That reminds me...I got a haircut yesterday, but the woman who cut my hair screwed up a bit on the front hairline, and she had to go over it several times before it was even enough for me to be satisfied...but she went over it so many times, I started TO BLEED! So she went through this process of cutting, then dabbing with alcohol, then wiping away and repeating! An interesting experience, in my book. I'll have the scars for a month or so...they'll probably heal right in time for my next haircut =D

I doubt I'm going to the open mic night tonight at Hazy Dayz. I'm really bummed out; I've missed it for the past couple of weeks, and want to go. When you go to Hazies on Wednesday night, you always get more interesting discussions and ideas in one night than you're accustomed to experiencing in a month!

Not to mention the fact that Hazy Dayz becomes a writer's community hangout on's always interesting to talk to the people there, listening and sharing ideas.

For some reason this photo turned out the best.  Jo has her hands in what seems to the greeting of choice for all of us these days.
Me and Jo, taking a break from jogging with Harlequin and Baby at the nonprofit animal sanctuary... I think that's Baby, anyway. Alex took this picture. I think he was holding Amigo's leash...maybe I should've had him take the other pictures...he seems to have done a better job than I. =P
This is the final picture for now. There are more, but I haven't used up the film yet...There should be some more pictures of the ratpack, halloween, Jonya, Chad, Melissa, the dogs, horses, pigs, desert, and BILLYBOB knows what else. We also missed a member of the ratpack...Colin's pic isn't on the site yet.
Awww, don't they both just look so adorably naughty together?
Alex and Susan, on Halloween night, after the picnic at the graveyard. Susan is a cool gal...a computer science enthusiast with a thing for strippers =D
No, no, no, I'm not trying to presume that she's all about computers and strippers. These are just character summaries! What did you expect, in-depth biographies and real-life discussions?! To that I say, "Meh!"
A rare picture of Alex in a wilderness environment with live animals
This is Jo and Alex, on a small trail made for the dogs to get some exercise at the nonprofit animal sanctuary. Jo is a free spirit, and an incredibly brilliant writer/performer/fire-twirler/philosopher -- she actually lives by her philosophy....unheard of, no?....Well, Alex lives by his philosophy, too, but he's the creator of Slak-fu. All he has to do to follow his beliefs is do as little as possible :-p
Note to self: don't annoy people by taking pictures of them while they're facing the sun!
This is Melissa, a calm and caring free spirit who spends at least two days a week volunteering at a non-profit animal shelter. She's also a great writer, but I don't believe I've had the pleasure of viewing her work yet.
**She's squinting because she's facing the fault :( **
I can't remember the dog's name right now...or any of the names of the dogs in the pictures ...I'll post 'em up later =D
Flash for the camera!
This is Alex flashing for the camera with Colin's overcoat. Taken on Halloween night.
Strike a pose!
This isn't just a picture of one person...well sort of.  It's a picture of the body and brain, Mike.  But the person most prominent in the photo is Rembion.  Others in the background <i>might be</i> Micheru, Samurai Lady, Kraethon, ZeroHero, Ghost, Rembion the Original, and 28 other unidentifiable beings
This is Mike#1, the original, not the diet stuff. And NO, he is NOT Mike#2 He is the Founder, Recruiter, and Webmaster of NukeCD, and makes sure that the programming projects (mainly our online rpg) never become Vaporware and die. Yet another member of the ratpack, he is the local hacker database.
(*Big cheesy grin*)
(BeginQuote): 300 frags, man...300 FRAGS!   My hands are tingling! (EndQuote)This is Mike2 (the sequel), dressed in choice props from various Halloween costumes . Another member of the ratpack, he is the 'token' gun advocate, anime-god, and, like Killjoy, a walking encyclopedia of random&cool facts.
Are you beginning to see a pattern of categorizing? =D
This is killjoy, senior server-code programmer for NukeCD.  You can see why we call him 'Killjoy'This is Killjoy, fellow member of our little ratpack. His official title is the Cynical Voice of Reason. =D His brain is stuffed with more strange facts and information than almost anyone else I know.
A picture of me on Halloween night...yeah, so I didn't dress scary, so what?  I went to a freakin' cemetery!Image #1: This is me on Halloween night! So is that underdressed or overdressed for a graveyard picnic?
Pictures are scanned ... will be posted soon. My step-brother leaves today. I'd rather that he didn't leave under such circumstances as these. His mom is dying of pancreatic cancer. But he's going back to Seattle...most likely to stay. I'm not even sure if I'll get to say goodbye. Anyway, I'm kickin' it at Alex's with him and Susan...heh. I walked in about ten minutes ago and I don't know what they were doing, but they were fairly jumpy when I walked into his room...:-D
I'm joking...they were just sleeping. heh. But I say this as they both are behind me with rather large sticks in their hands, grinning. The past two days I've been helping mom at her school with the 1st graders...its been fun, and I sort of get brownie points for helping out...thus getting myself out of the sinkhole I've created. I'll probably do this as often as possible, now. 3:00 will be CS 372 time...damn...Susan's car was broken into a few nights ago. Apparently the thief tried to take the whole car, but was unsuccessful in starting the engine. Until it gets fixed, she's biking to school. The scary part about this is that her car was broken into at Alex's apartment complex! Bad juju, I tell you.

Oh yeah! Ran into some friends today...talked to Jo...she dyed her hair orange yesterday!!! It looks f***ing awesome! Alex, Susan, Eddie, Coral, Audrey, and some high school buddy of Eddie's went to Darwin Experience last night, but it was only so-so. I also met a friend of mine from Don Hinzeman's Kung-fu studio...he's also in the CS-major... apparently, Don's doing fine, and so is the studio...I also learned something new about my friend...he's received the black sashe from Don..essentially the highest rank...a black belt...hell...even the first belt test is one part of the test, you wear a white t-shirt, and go against 2-5 other people wearing white tshirts, who have red must have red marks on all of their tshirts, and none on yours to pass the test. It mimics the use of knives. Another belt test has you getting spun around until you're horribly dizzy and then you must grapple with your opponent. And one part of the final test is that you must get choked out and then revived, so you know what it feels like!!!! messed up! But Don's the BEST teacher you could possibly want...especially for women...apparently some guy was harassing a girl at the movie theater, when a student of Don's (a girl) jumped on his back, putting him in a choke hold and screamed, "NO, you give me YOUR wallet!" :-p 'nuff said...
I actually went to CS 245 this morning...when you audit a class, it suddenly becomes apparent that you really have to put in effort to do anything...even to go to class! Mom dropped me off at class...I was sooo happy. Stu Reges was actually teaching the class today, instead of Anna Segurson...nice. We actually learned and wrote down USEFUL info in class today!!! And no one fell asleep in class, today, either!! It's a f***ing miracle! oh well... Off to class. After class it's back to the compsci lab to finish C# homework. And to upload the pictures of course...if I get done, will I go to Open Mic night at Hazy Dayz? perhaps, perhaps not. We shall see. Will I have the willpower not to go? I need to sleep...but we won't know until the hour comes...
Quote of the Day: "Why is it I get my best ideas while shaving?"
-- Albert Einstein