Saturday, November 02, 2002

Man oh man. Last night was weird. I don't even want to get into the details. All I'm going to do for the next few hours is work. I feel so strange.
Alex's family did bring the power cord and patch cable after all. So that's good news. I'm once again reevaluating my priorities. About to install WinXP. Then on to starting C#-tetris for my 386 class, and then more SML homework from 372. After that, I guess I'll go over my mythology notes.
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I just met Alex's family. What nice people! Susan, Jose, Alex, his parents, his brother, and I went out to the Sweet Tomato, where his parents treated us to Dinner! We learned some embarassing and funny things about Alex's past. Good stuff! Anyway, they also brought his bass and amp over, but we neglected to bring in the power cord and patch cable :( so he needs to remember to get those from them tomorrow. Back at Alex's we all sat and talked for awhile...which is what we're doing now, technically, but damn, I want to do something ELSE! They're just watching movie after movie...LET'S DO SOMETHING, GUYS!! GAH!