Friday, November 01, 2002

Wow. Last night was awesome. After homework, Alex, Susan, Mike, Colin, and I went to the cemetery. At the cemetery picnic, we talked about our phobias and jokes and such.
Funny thing, though. I only had 3/4ths of a beer, but for some reason, I felt like shit for the rest of the night and the morning after. Maybe it was a combination of lack of sleep, tiredness because we were already out so late, and I don't know what else. After we left the cemetery, we took some pictures, talked some more, and found out strange things about each other...such as the fact that you don't even need to tickle Susan to make her giggle and squirm...Alex showed us that all you need to do is "air-tickle". It's safe to say that Alex and Susan are either developing a brother-sister relationship or something that could turn into a romantic relationship.
When I felt confident enough to drive,(read: when I felt awake enough to drive) I went back home, but I was so tired, I fell asleep in the garage! I woke up in the car at about 7:34, handing the keys to Mom, moments later :-D so she could drive to work. I went to bed for two hours, and then got ready to go to class. Isaac told me that Ariana called at 8:00 last night. I'm happy. Heh. I thought I had an exam in mythology today, so, being the diligent student with a headache, stomach ache, fatigue, and dizziness, I studied on the bus, already late for class. I found out that today was just a review session. Twice in the same week and the same class, fate has given me a way out. At least I'm now ready for the test on Monday. Tonight I hope to eat dinner at Alex's; his parents are stopping by for the weekend, dropping off his bass and amp so we can jam, and they'll also be cooking. Matt is going to Phoenix...I told him to get those pictures from his brother, of the firespinning...
After mythology, I stopped by Ariana's office and said hi. When Isaac talked with her last night, she was suprised to hear his voice. That could imply a lot of things... an interesting question to ponder. But my brother and I are an interesting contrast.
Today I start my new medication.