Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I met a guy named Jordan today, who was trying to sell his poetry (a bunch of small-fonted computer-printed poems stapled together) for whatever money/change people would give him. My curiousity was peaked, so I bought one, for all the change in the back of my backpack...something like $1.35. He had some interesting things to say...a lot of it was dealing with the usual topics : crimes against humanity... the establishment, capitalism, people being fed template lifestyles through media, etc...but Jordan's writing style is very clean and precise. It has reason and takes you somewhere, logically. Aside from its darkness, I really enjoyed it. I told him there were better ways to do what he was trying to do (trying to sell his work)....And that gave me a brilliant idea with Hazy Dayz...but I'll have to iron it out more before taking it seriously. It's got merit, but I don't want it to become a bad egg. Essentially, we take the best works of the poetry night, get a professor's endorsement, and publish. I'm doubtful that it would even get that far, anyway. Probably no more than a random daydream...
At any rate, I got his number, and will probably talk with him later...I'm going to try and get him to read his stuff on Wednesday at Hazies. I originally wanted to help him out with finding much more intelligent ways of selling/publishing his work...it just erked me so much that someone with such skill would be doing something in such a shoddy manner, but I don't have time, and I can't shift my gears like that. I'll still give him advice about publishing/producing his work, if he asks. I'm not necessarily one to give advice because I've never published anythign. I've researched different ways that I could get my work published, but first I need to finish writing it !!
Tonight there's the MS-SUG meeting, and there's also the Darwin Experience, which I will probably miss out, because of my schoolwork, but what can I say. My other friends know when and where the Darwin Experience is -- some go and some don't, but no one needs my prompting.

Woohoo yeah! I had my C# Test today. I barely made it to the test on time, I hadn't studied, and I had only printed out some helpful handouts five minutes before the test was scheduled to start. And I did not sign up for extended testing in time. Strangely enough, I actually got to the last problem before Andy stopped the test and made everyone hand their papers up. Unfortunately, that last question was worth 23 points. The BEST I can get on this test is probably a 77. Lucky me.