Sunday, October 27, 2002

Yeah! Just signed up for my classes! First part is done anyway...for me it's a two-step ; first I register for all non-cs classes. then on Monday, I go in very early to wait in line, as though I'm waiting for the first showing of a star wars movie, and sign up for the rest of my classes.
Here's my hopeful schedule:

Class NameCredit hoursDaysStartEnd
MATH 215 Linear Algebra3MW5:006:15
MUS 101A Exploring Music through Piano3MWF11:0011:50
C SC 425 Computer Networking3TueThur9:30 10:45
C SC 346 Discrete Structures5 MTWTF2:002:50
C SC 496H Adv Topics in CS Research1F1:001:50
C SC 452 Principles of Operating SystemsAuditMTWTh4:004:50