Friday, October 25, 2002

Okay! New Poll! This one's a bit stranger -- If you could only choose one or the other...which would it be? :

True, everlasting love...but without sex.
The best sex you can possibly experience, with the sexiest, most beautiful
specimen of the gender of your preference, whenever you want.

Place your answer in the comments link below.
(And I certainly would not recommend ever choosing just one or the other in such a relationship as we are discussing here!)
Well, I'm still debating whether or not to rename everyone...
Hi, guys! I'm back. There was no test in mythology. We did go to Gentle Ben's, and then to the Youth House that Coral and Eddie run. I gave Eddie his first drum lessons, and I got to play on a drumset... SOMETHING I HAVEN'T DONE IN ABOUT TWO YEARS! I'm so happy.

Ariana cancelled our outing tomorrow. She's got a lot of stuff to do, so we'll get together later on, when she's not so swamped. That works for me. I've got Yoga tomorrow!
I also need to go and pick up an application at the Guitar Center.
We'll see what happens.
Well here it is, almost time for class and I'm posting at the wrong time again. I'm meeting some friends at Gentle Ben's @ 2:00. God... I woke up late this morning, and then realized that I left my keys and my bag in my mom's car. Fortunately I had the bike chain, so I can still lock my bike up...but I think I may have a test in my mythology class...and I HAVE NOTHING TO STUDY WITH!!!! gack. Oh, good news...but old news now. My sister is staying for another two months. I guess I'll have a lot of time to visit with her. Good thing, too, considering just about everything I've wanted to do with her has fallen through. Oh well. On to destiny.
When I do post metadata, I'll have to change the names of my friends to protect privacy, I suppose. I doubt it'll matter, but I'm an obsessive-compulsive safety freak like that.
After the cs orientation I went over to the Modern Languages Building Auditorium with Jo and Jonya. On Thursdays they show German films with subtitles. tonight, they showed The Legends of Rita. This was based upon the history of the famous one-time terrorist, Rita Vogt, and about what her ideals were about, and how, all during her life, her belief in what she thought was right never wavered. It had points of dry humor, horror, romance, and tear-producing. All in all, it was a very good movie. Afterwards we went to the cafeteria and talked. My brother joined us later on, and Jo and Jonya soon left, going back home, while Ike and I played some pool. then we drove back home and crashed for the night, which brings us to this point.
Well, another day, another dungeon. (Also the name of a fantasy book by Greg Costikyan, btw)
The new CS-major orientation was today. The advisor, head of lab staff, and a few of the head teachers all talked to us about what we could expect, as majors, and what new changes there'd be.