Wednesday, October 23, 2002

To meta or not to meta. If I dump meta-content into my page, then people will visit my site...but then I'll have more strangers checking out the site...hmmm
oh well... anyway, I guess when I have time I'll stick in the stuff that the search engines require.

I have a whole shizitload of things to say now, and I don't think I have much time to get into it.
I spent last night at Alex and Matt's again, away from home. I brought along the snare drum and Eddie's b-day present in preparation but I didn't see him at the darwin experience. However, I DID see Ryan! So we hung out a bit and watched the show, and I gave him Jonya's website URL, so he could get her phone # and stuff. Good thing...but it doesn't really matter since I know they must've both gone to the Open Mic tonight at Hazy Dayz...I'm so pissed that I missed out on that...but what I had to do was exponentially more important. I talked with Jo before the Darwin experience...and that talk cleared up a lot of questions I had been asking myself. There are just times where everything comes into focus. So many other things happened today. I talked with Ariana @ the Gould-Simpson building. She got a job working with the Comp-Sci department there, which is pretty damn cool. They even set aside her very own office. Had an emergency today...regarding myself of all things. I've been hurting myself way too much by not sleeping at regular intervals, and sneaking a sugary snack here and there...which for the rest of you wouldn't mean jack, but for me, it's the difference between being alert and falling asleep in class. More to come later on.
I'll have a new poll or two up, and links to previous soon as I find time to add the meta-content and junk. if you build it, they will come.... =D
I've got a lot to post today. A hellofalot. But I've got no time now, must run to class! damn.