Monday, October 21, 2002

Heya! I worked hard today, helping the Rolling Stone Magazine guys set up their displays in the morning, and I helped take stuff down. I got a helluvalotta free tshirts (Xmas & b-day presents) cd-r's, and candy ! (Halloween treats) Not to mention two demo cds. but everyone got those :-p. All in all, today was almost okay...if it weren't for the fact that I think I bombed my Icon exam for CS 372. It's not that I didn't know the material...hell, I think I perfectly answered just about everything that I actually finished!!! The bastards didn't give us nearly enough time. I should've signed up for double time, but again, like an idiot, I did not. I figured I could do the exam without the extra help =P. (((sigh))) Whatever. Still, I gotta look forward to the Darwin Experience tomorrow. Maybe Jo'll be up for it this time. And maybe our little group just might actually make it to Sakura's this time around, instead of IHOP ! =D. At any rate, I made an appointment with Eddie to start his drum lessons on Wednesday, and this morning, I exchanged info with a bassist, who recently exchanged info with a guitarist... HELLZ YEAH!! We're going to jam sometime soon! Let's see... oh yeah! I gotta finish making plans with the guys for our Midnight Halloween Cemetery Picnic !
Oh yeah, Jo and Melissa mentioned an outdoor movie theatre somewhere...I gotta find out where. I'll post up the location later.
Wow. I've got a lot to tell today....but not much time to type it. I've got a programming midterm to study for. Anyway, on Saturday, we went to See Spike and Mike's as planned, with Susan and her ex-boss. Susan's a wild one, and really cool. both she and her friend are my age, 23, which is really nice, but Jo was unable to go, because she woke up an hour after the show started. Spike and Mike's was twisted and sick, just as the festival's name implies...but it was also fairly entertaining. Nougat, Happy Fun Tree, and suprisingly enough, No Neck Joe were all funny. The only show that carried over from the last SMST was Tenacious D's little animated stint. And it costed $7, not $5, and there wasn't a student discount. :-(. After the show we went back to Alex's, where we all had fun and talked about relationships. It was great. I think Susan may have a thing for Alex, but then again, it's far too early to tell, although she has been calling him up to do all sorts of things with her ... including, of all things going to strip clubs!!! But since he's not yet 21, she's been doing that with other friends... She's a wild one.
Apparently I missed out on a live dj performance at Hazy Dayz, which is every Saturday night.
Anyway, on Sunday, Alex and I got out of the house to forage for food, and after a few hours, we made our way to Hazy Dayz to meet Jo and Melissa. I don't know how we did it, but we were somehow able to convince Alex to come along with us to the Nonprofit Animal Sanctuary! At first I didn't think he'd go -- in his words, "No...No...It's not slak-fu, no I can't, nu--okay." Hunh?!
Alex + exercise + work ?!!! wtf?! he claims it was so he could push his heart attack to at least age 30. =) . Anyway, heh heh...we have pictures to prove he was there! We had a blast, we walked almost all the dogs, got to pet the horses, but I didn't do much else. Melissa and Jo were able to get rid of all the tics off of one of the dogs. So far, I've seen the potbellied pig sanctuary, the dog and horse sanctuaries, but I haven't seen the cat sanctuary, and I don't know what other sanctuaries are out here. It's pretty cool, though. At the end of the day, we somehow began a weird conversation about being in a horror movie, and deciding who in the ranch were safe and who was slated to die, based on horror movies. An interesting conversation, but not one I'll likely bring up often. Melissa says she's going to go back on Wednesday and clean tics off of a few more dogs. I'm inclined to go with her and help out.
ANYWAY, I must get back to work on studying for the exam. I needed to type this in before I forgot any of it!
Oh, Jonya's planning on coming back to Tucson, next weekend, but she's not going to make it for the open mic, so I gotta remember to tell Ryan to get in touch with her.