Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I didn't get anything accomplished today. :)
How boring is that? Well, since my site isn't really doing anything for yah, you might as well try something more exciting...like The Drake Equation...The controversial equation that gives a good idea about how much intelligent life could be out in space.
Here's a link to Seti's implementation of it, along with explanations of each variable. At the bottom, there's a list of textboxes that allow you to mess with the Drake Equation and see what you get!
The Drake Equation

I tried the drake equation twice. I got dissappointing numbers. one was 15 civilizations per galaxy, the other was 1.5.
keep in mind that there is one other planet and one other moon in this solar system that might be capable of sustaining life.(or might have been, in Mars' case)
Yesterday a friend of mine related some $hit that happened to him...It makes me think twice about wanting to fix my car...as he was about to turn out of a parking lot, some woman in a truck turned in and scraped the side of his car...she did everything that she was supposed to do...which, of course, was to blame him. He should've been doing the same to cover his a$$....but now she's filing a claim against him...f*ing sucks.
Whoops...I woke up a bit late today. Should've expected it, since in THE PREVIOUS 4 DAYS I'VE HAD ABOUT 9 OR SO HOURS OF SLEEP!