Sunday, October 13, 2002

Wow. Sometimes you just wish there was a life-owner's manual. Hmm...Living Life for Dummies...

I'm gonna go to bed early...see if I can get up at 3, get to school early and finish this cs homework. ugh. No more late days... I gotta get to class.
On to work...I've got 4 hours till daylight is gone...I need to weed and clean before then...ugh...and then it's homework from the sadistic cs 245 teacher...who just happens to be a newbie :-p as she is a grad student. I still consider grad students one of us, but as another grad student, Andy, my C# teacher, once explained to me, there's a certain point in the grad course work, when you can't take anymore...when the work is gruelling, the pay sucks, and evil professors take you for granted and then take credit for all your work...and then you become a sadist, just like the rest. Fortunately, he hasn't reached that point yet.
I guess I wasn't as remotely safe here as I thought. Well, so much for the opinionated nothings. I'm sure I must've offended a good friend by now.
A friend has recently told me, "happiness IS dependent upon feelings and perceptions BUT, YOU have FULL power OVER your feelings and perceptions."
I think she's right. I had more to say, but, aw hell.