Thursday, December 12, 2002

Wow. I knew I'd have to update my stories at some point; I've been promising them for quite some time now. This just so happens to be the best time, since I am now finished with my last two assignments for Fall 02 Semester:
C# Final Project
Comparative Programming Languages Final Paper
Where to begin? I'll start from two days ago, on Tuesday Morning.
On the way to the U, I was somehow given the good fortune to ride the same bus as several seriously drunk individuals. As were a full class of 14 elementary school students and 2 teachers. The bus driver, one of the teachers, and I got into quite an interesting conversation about alcohol consumption, and the effects. The drunkards were none too polite, but the bus driver shared with us some of her trade secrets and strange experiences for/on handling disoriented individuals.
1.) The "twenty" trick: If they stumble onto the first step, she looks down, points out behind the individual and politely asks, "Hey, is that your twenty down there?" The moment the person is off the bus, she closes the doors and moves right along!!!
2.) The above trick worked on a man 2 times in a row, over a span of one month. The third and final time, he caught on, and she replied, "Oh, no sorry, it's a ten," and he turns around to pick up the non-existent ten dollar bill. Of course I don't believe this story at all, but it still gives a good laugh.
The others are interesting, but not enough to type in right now (I'm getting bored =P) So moving along, then...
After classes I'm programming, but not as much as I should be; I'm instead goofing off, because I can't seem to focus on the task at hand and my imminent doom... so I work on my resume and cleaning up my website ... etc ... finally at around 7:XXpm I really get serious about my homework, and the hours fly by. I don't have a ride home. But I remember that the Charles Darwin Experience (CDE), a Comedy Improvisation Group run by students at the University of Arizona were hosting a kegger party that night at 10:00, since as you can read from their web site, they've been "evicted" from their current location by cops because all this semster it has now been illegal to use the campus rooms after 10:00 pm ... which is rather counter-productive considering the fact that CDE starts every Tuesday AT ten o'clock ! So they hosted an awesome party, I went to it in hopes of running into a friend that could drive me home, because the alternative would mean waking up a family member on the other side of town at midnight in hopes of getting a ride from them ... now no one wants to be a burden upon their family or friends ... but some things you JUST don't do ... like rudely waking up a Kodiak bear in hibernation with accurate directions detailing where and how he can most easily you and maul you.
So I was fortunately able to find a friend to give me a ride home. I stayed at CDE a bit longer and enjoyed the free beer, which was quite fruity. I actually liked the taste. I took some pictures so I could finally get my old film developed ... so new pictures ARE on the way! I must've had at least 4 beers. The next morning I finally remembered why I didn't like drinking too much alcohol at one time ... it always screws with my throat for days on end afterwards. Fortunately I'm the exact same person drunk as I am sober -- (isn't it funny how the people who shouldn't be drinking are the ones who do so most often, and those who can actually hold their liquor are the ones who drink the least?)--
Anyway, I met up with my friend Susan after CDE was over, and was able to get a ride from her ...
And talked with some of the cast members ...
I'm going to audition for the cast next semester !!!!
I told Jason of CDE about setting up a PayPal account for their website ...
I think he's the one that maintains it, anyway. It looks phat to me.
And finally, I met up with Mark of CDE and Ryan as well as Ted? Thomas? oh damn, I can't believe I forgot his name...
there's a guy that reads every once in awhile at Hazy Dayz...his poetry is rather incredible. In fact I have some
of it here right now... I'll post it up for you guys as soon as I find out whether or not he's copyrighted it, yet.
So Susan and I talked about a lot of things ... I may end up getting a good job interview today after 12 !!!
I posted on here earlier about what Susan's job is, and just the idea that I might be able to get a job
like that just RULES!!!!

So we end up stopping by Alex's house to say hello, since Alex and Susan are unoffically boyfriend and girlfriend...
I really don't understand them ... If I see two people attempting to suck each others' teeth out, in Alex's words, then that means BF/GF.
But Susan has this thing about commitment with the bf/gf thing and another semi-bf/gf relationship somewhere and blah blah...

We get to Alex's, talk a while, and we find out that DaVinci the Chinchilla has once again escaped her cage. 5 minutes,two successful grabs, another successful escape, and 3 ounces of chinchilla shit later, DaVinci is back in the cage with Van Goh, the floppy-eared rabbit, veteran survivor of the Vicadin Victor.
And by this time, I have chinchilla shit on my left hand & knees, and chinchilla fur on my inner and outer jackets.
the funny thing is that I would only have the fur on my jacket if Alex and Matt's apartment wasn't once again a hideous mess, and rabbit and chinchilla shit wasn't all around.
Strangely enough, their mess isn't even as bad as it normally is. But I still intend to get a photo of it to complete my before and after pictures of their place !
Finally, we bid farewell, Susan drops me off and I walk out just in time to to see her drive off in the wrong direction!!! She sort of left without the directions on how to get back out on Speedway. (not too hard...just gotta remember to take only left-hand turns) I hope it didn't take her too long to get home !!! ;)
That brings us to Wednesday !
I woke up. I worked on the website. I programmed. I thought I was getting a ride from my sister, but her car battery died. So I took the bus, and made it to my last Comparative Programming Languages (I hope) class.
If I get a C, I'll be forced to retake the course.
Stuart summed up the class and what would be on the test etc, etc... and I volunteered to monitor the class evaluations... heh heh.
Strangely enough, I didn't even really try to look at everyone's responses as I counted the number of sheets...but it was completely clear that no one had anything bad or even adequate to say about the class; all the scores were in the high markings. Of course, I wasn't suprised. Stu is the man.
There's just no other way to explain a person getting fired from Stanford -- FOR GIVING ADVICE TO A STUDENT ON WHICH DRUGS TO TAKE,and then getting a job here at UofA as one of the best damn teachers in the University, AND I hear that he's actually gay and open about it too!
How about that? Impressive!

So at any rate, it's 4:00, I grab some food, drop off the teacher evaluations, and this is where I begin to panic, because I pretty much haven't even gotten to the Constructor of the first class of my C# assignment, and it's due in 8 hours. Heh. Everyone else had been working on it for the past few days. What had I been doing? Easy... WORKING ON OTHER HOMEWORK!!! GAAAAAAAH!!!! I turnin the first version of the project at midnight, but in actuality, I finish it at 2:00 but have trouble turning it in. So now I have not a fucking clue as to whether it'll get graded or not. And what's worse, my first assigment in that class STILL hasn't been graded yet, and I don't know why ! It was at about 2:10 that I realized I hadn't done the Comparative Programming languages assignment yet... heck, I'll post it up in the "Stuff" Section for your reading pleasure... I'm damn proud of the paper I wrote...after all, I wrote it in 35 minutes!
Now, I'm just spending time, waiting for the buses to start running again, since I'm stranded here at the computer lab. I'm talking with friends online, who'll no doubt have some things to comment on shortly.

I'm also waiting for 5:30am to roll around so I can call my Mom before she goes to work to tell her I'm safe and sound. I think I'll stay here, eat breakfast, stop at home, take a power nap and come back ... I need to write my list of supplies for the Microsoft Grants on my Visual Studio Web Services Automatic Study Group Scheduler and the preliminary design and information gathering on making the 'functionally objective' .NET language. I'm probably going to call it something stupid like "foo©" == Functionally Object-Oriented, or Fo-Pa ©. =P who knows! Anyway, Grant Hawkes is hosting the last Microsoft Student User Group Meeting today at 5 or 6...he's giving away a bunch of stuff, the least of which are 4 XBOXES!!! And he's going to announce my own MS-language project, which'll be awesome, so I have to be there...and I must wear MS apparel to be sure I'm eligible to win an XBOX !!! wooo !!!
So that's my last few days in a nutshell.
wow. it's 5:00. I've got another half hour before I call home. Buses start running at 5:15, but there's no way in hell I'm going to bike those last 3-5 miles home, AND make it up that damn hill ... it's a steep bike ride for all of the last mile ! I'll either wait here and eat breakfast or go to Micheru/Rembion & Colin's and eat breakfast there.
Whew... here's a lil treat a friend sent me at about 3:30am...MAKE YOUR OWN SOUTH PARK CHARACTER!

Oh, and PS- I came across some old Shogi Word Documents that I worked on earlier to cut and paste onto cardboard and make my own Japanese Chessboard. I'll post 'em up later for downloading and printing as well as some other things after I've copyrighted the images.

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