Monday, December 23, 2002

Well, I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I'm working on yet another project to add some interesting features to javascript ... the only problem is that in calling these features I have to put the modified code in another place other than the <script type = javascript&rt; code ... I guess the first thing I should do is check to see if I can put ID's on script tags. oh well. Anyway, progress on FOO continues ... I'm thinking about naming it !C or C! ... (bang C) or (C bang) ... but those names just kinda suck... I'm still adding more and more features, (most seem to be easily implemented) but I'm going to need to find a point to stop or else I won't get done with the translator by the time school starts back up.
Anyway, I'll start posting up good information on javascript as soon as I'm not so swamped. I saw The Two Towers again !! It's even better the second time around; you get to catch the stuff that you missed and/or wanted to see again ! Wonderful ... except I was really pissed at the use of Gimli for a bit of low-level comic relief ... which was pointless and irritating. Fortunately, unlike Jar-jar, the bastards couldn't rewrite Gimli's part in the books and thus they couldn't remove his saving grace, which was the fact that he is an important character in the books and that he can certainly hold his own in combat ... and the actor playing him is so damn good.
The whole family went to Barnes & Noble today and we spent about 4 hours in there ... I searched for information on fiction-writing, Visual Studio.NET, code-testing, and various programming languages in linux, but unfortunately all they had was surface crap ; nothing on MSIL or making VS.NET compilers, and certainly nothing on different programming paradigms ... except aspect-oriented programming ... unfortunately the book that explained aspect-oriented programming didn't give a clear definition at all, and instead chose to work around it, giving 'examples' and vague notions; at least, never a CLEAR and PRECISE visual and/or concrete definition, with the idea that only by the time you finish the damn book, you'll have an idea of what aspect-oriented programming is. I put that junk back on the shelf. I'll look the paradigm up online! Anyway.
I found some info on Lisp, Ruby, Perl, and Python, and that's about it.
Still it was great.

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