Thursday, December 12, 2002

ugh. 2:30pm Tired. Was supposed to stop by Planetary Sciences building today to inquire about a job, but my contact flew the coop yesterday night, driving off in the wrong direction, I might add =P, and the contact to my contact is a no-show. Oh well. I'll have to use that strange thing ... what's it called... oh! Initiative!!! It's an interesting concept. I'll have to wait until Tuesday after 12 to try it. At least it'll give me time to recover from these hideously long nights of homework. New poll coming soon... I don't get it with you guys... the site is getting more viewers everyday, but no one fills out the polls !
why?! They're quite interesting ! Heck, I'll sign 'em! They're not "Polls" per se ... they're just mini-essay questions ... big whoop ! They're fun ! Sign them ! Aw, heck, what am I saying ... would *I* sign them if I was viewing someone else's site? *Maybe* ! =D
I doubt I'd sign them if the author was constantly pestering his viewers to sign them, so I guess it's a catch-22, anyway =P

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