Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Today was weird. I added more design specifications to Parasite. All I really need to do right now is copyright all my junk, and then I'll be able to post information on FOO and Parasite. (remember, foo is just a project name... once I figure out a cool language name, it'll switch. |:-D ) I've been searching the web and found a lot of interesting information on programming languages. I even found some languages which were undergoing the process of integrating some of the things I'm doing with FOO ... but they all look ugly to me ... I'm making FOO as closely related to the standard style family of programming languages (Icon/Java/Javascript/C/++/#) as possible. At any rate, I'm making foo emulate C/++/#/Java because A: it's a hellofalot easier than making a language from scratch and B: people will pick up on it QUITE easily. It's basically C++/# with more OPTIONS ! (if you think of it as the child of C++, then you can imagine ALOT more options =P )
The main goal of FOO was just to make a C++/# - esque programming language that was FASTER than VISUAL BASIC (gaaaah!) easier to read and use, to add various small aspects of other languages that I enjoyed, and work around the more arbitrarily complicated aspects of the languages and their family. NOT to mention, that I rather like the idea of being able to implement a DirectX application in C# ... alas ... C# isn't what one would call "time-critical".
I will begin by implementing a "quick and dirty" linux FOO2C++ translator... which'll be called Parasite.
I'll also run some benchmarks on the speeds of applications run in VC#, VC++, and VC++ dlls run from VC#. The benchmarks will focus on pointer manipulation.

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