Sunday, December 08, 2002

**peeks out from under his rock** "Is it safe?"
Well...maybe I should also talk about my strange experience on Friday.
I went to bed at about 4:00 or 5:00 ... am. I'd been programming on an unsuccessful encryption project - and I still don't know whether it runs properly, because I spent this past weekend trying to help out with family chores. I've come to the conclusion that since no one in my family gets the picture that my school life and home life need to be separated in order to maintain some peace, I must separate them myself. =P
Here's some chat from me and a friend that'll hopefully tickle your funny bone ... the friend's name has been changed to protect him, but he knows who he is! =P
--This has been heavily edited for content --
(9:51:38 PM): their site is slow for me
TheJascal (9:51:48 PM): same here
(9:52:01 PM): well its probly packed
TheJascal (9:52:19 PM): dammit
TheJascal (9:52:57 PM): I can't fantasize about being there when I'm thinking about the line ... must be longer than one at DisneyWorld ...
(9:53:13 PM): lol
(9:53:16 PM): i wouldn't care
TheJascal (9:53:29 PM): as long as they were tested for diseases.
(9:53:38 PM): of course it is
TheJascal (9:53:59 PM): I wouldn't want to wake up with a $1k itch.

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