Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Okay, guys... here's a host of great images for your viewing pleasure !!!
Please note: that all but the first four of these images are quite tasteless and offensive, but certainly not R-rated at all (even though I'd give the last one a PG-13 rating), so right now I urge you to A: double check that you want to view these images, and B: if you do, then check to make sure no one around you will be offended ...

Visual Binary ++ !

The Fragmenter !

PopUpAnywhere !

The Lumpy Distribution !

The Orange Hat Distribution !

Scream of Wheat !

Dante's "Cold" Cereal !

The Classic painting of the image whose download could not be completed !

The Collector !

George W Bush

Bush, again


A Clockwork Cereal !

THE MOST offensive (fake)advertisement to ever be banned from all televised media

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