Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Okay, at the moment, this page is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5.x or better and Mozilla 1.2.x or better @ 1024x768 or better resolution. In Netscape 6.2, there's some strange rendering error that I can't control, and in Konquerer (the old Konquerer) The posts are not confined to the small block in the center, and just scroll down the page like a normal web site -- which isn't a bad thing ... the errors could've been worse. In fact, I'll probably just make a filter for Netscape browsers and make the website do the same thing as it does for Konquerer so I can get around the darn text-rendering bug. Finally, I fixed the strange problem I was having with Linux-spawned browsers when clicking on the subdirectory buttons, which was rather bizarre, as well as the text-rendering problems I was having in Mozilla.
oh, btw ... here's Charmane's brilliant analysis of time and effort

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