Tuesday, December 17, 2002

A friend's aim profile:
Hi, many of you know me as the jovial [*Edited name*]. But this away message is of the utter most urgency and seriousness. If you care about me at all, %n, you will message **[Edited AIMname]** and say to him "no love for you".
memorable quotes from an otherwise shitty semester-

"that's like a peppermint fuck to my brain"

"no Ron, i'm dancing on this grave because i'm cold; not because i'm possessed"


"dude, i just had this dream in 372..."

"le chat?! thats a lame french name. Call me Poodle."

-my coccyx

"he didn't even recognize me, i'm bald now... and i have boobs like Ron"

End quote

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