Thursday, December 12, 2002

Ever think that we as Americans are secretly being brainwashed by the media and corporate overworld? You're absolutely wrong! THEY'RE BLATANTLY brainwashing us! =D No secrets there ! Heh ... but in what ways you ask? Well, they're all around us ... but not just from the corporate world! Yes, just when you thought the war was over and it was safe, it finally dawns on you...: The Communists have won ! Napster? Kazaa? Morpheus? Go-zilla? Fasttrack? Other peer2peer software-sharing and piracy programs? etc etc etc ... you all know who you are ! =P "When you download mp3s, you're downloading communism !" -- I forget where I saw this funny quote ... Or even worse... click on the links to find out how you've been brainwashed by ...
Stalin Claus and Nintendo's Mario the Red !
Yes, folks ... nothing is sacred anymore, not even the color 'red' ! We're not safe from communism ... we are communism !! aaaaarrrrrgghhh!!!!!

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