Wednesday, November 06, 2002

For some reason this photo turned out the best.  Jo has her hands in what seems to the greeting of choice for all of us these days.
Me and Jo, taking a break from jogging with Harlequin and Baby at the nonprofit animal sanctuary... I think that's Baby, anyway. Alex took this picture. I think he was holding Amigo's leash...maybe I should've had him take the other pictures...he seems to have done a better job than I. =P
This is the final picture for now. There are more, but I haven't used up the film yet...There should be some more pictures of the ratpack, halloween, Jonya, Chad, Melissa, the dogs, horses, pigs, desert, and BILLYBOB knows what else. We also missed a member of the ratpack...Colin's pic isn't on the site yet.

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