Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I talked to Ariana a little while ago. She seems to have a cool job, working with the faculty and staff of the CS department. Dang...everyone has a cool job... Susan's got one working at the Astronomy department... gets to work where she wants, when she wants, keeps her own hours, can't work more than 30 hours a week... and PROGRAMS!!! lucky lucky lucky .. That reminds me...I got a haircut yesterday, but the woman who cut my hair screwed up a bit on the front hairline, and she had to go over it several times before it was even enough for me to be satisfied...but she went over it so many times, I started TO BLEED! So she went through this process of cutting, then dabbing with alcohol, then wiping away and repeating! An interesting experience, in my book. I'll have the scars for a month or so...they'll probably heal right in time for my next haircut =D

I doubt I'm going to the open mic night tonight at Hazy Dayz. I'm really bummed out; I've missed it for the past couple of weeks, and want to go. When you go to Hazies on Wednesday night, you always get more interesting discussions and ideas in one night than you're accustomed to experiencing in a month!

Not to mention the fact that Hazy Dayz becomes a writer's community hangout on's always interesting to talk to the people there, listening and sharing ideas.


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