Monday, November 04, 2002

Here's some food for thought. The first piece of suprising news: there are 13 root servers to the internet. Think of them as the backbone. The internet can probably run for quite awhile without any of them, but not indefinitely.
Now: Recently, They've been hit with a distributed denial of service(ddos) attack, and all but 4-5 went down. The attack lasted an hour or so. This has been the biggest recorded attack against the backbone of the internet.

Anyway. I'm 8 minutes away from my mythology exam. I'm not feeling very pleased. There are some friends I've been meaning to talk to, but haven't been able to, for awhile now. I need to get a job... ...lovely...

now for the good news.

I'm working on several different projects to get money
Photos from various events are being processed even as I type this. The best ones will be online shortly!

More weird internet info

And information showing that the internet is even LESS secure!
But the good news about this last link is that when more security breaches are found, the faster they get fixed.

Quote of the day: "Law and Logic are mutually exclusive. Ask any member of Congress."
-- From member ActiveSX.

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