Saturday, October 19, 2002

Well. now I have something worthy to put up on this site. Since I was staying at Alex and Matt's house longer than 24 hours, I had a mental might've been the chinchilla shit on the carpet, or the wood chips, or Matt's cigarrette butts everywhere, or the trash that was everywhere, or maybe it was ... well you get the idea. I cleaned and vaccummed their living room, dining room, and swept and mopped their disgusting floor. I did, however stay away from the kitchen. (((cringe))) I just started when Alex decided to take the hand vac and clean up the shit around the rabbit & chinchilla cage. I figured since Matt wasn't there, it certainly wouldn't hurt. Unfortunately, knowing Matt, it'll look even worse within the week =P .
I'll have an "after Matt" picture later on this week!
Here's a picture of me-- an awful one at that .
And don't mind the 5-O'clock shadow on my face =D

here's a picture of Alex, Matt, and Vicadin Victor, their one-time roommate from hell, in that order.

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