Friday, October 18, 2002

This night was awesome (Thursday Night). My sister and brother came by from LA...took 'em 8 hours to get here, heh. I'm suprised that they're both in good health...i.e. no strangle marks on either one of their necks :) bro already knows his way around Tucson as a semi-native, but sis is still getting the hang of it. I think they got into a bit of a scuffle about how to get there :)
I was finally able to give my sister her birthday present...since it came 3 weeks TOO LATE IN THE MAIL!! and it just makes things that much worse since we're twins.
So Bro and I stopped by the U so I could work on my cs 372 work and he could scour the campus for good-looking women to talk to. He's pretty darn good at that too. It's rather frightening to watch.
Anyway, after I was done with my homework, we hooked up with Alex and headed over to Hazy Dayz again.

Well. I did it. I tried smoking a hookah. (cough, heave) =D

It was rather interesting...but it left a horrible aftertaste. I doubt I'll be doing that too often. But I am now proud to say that the first, last, and only thing I've ever smoked is a hookah! We left at about 12:20 or so, tired and hookah'd out. Hell, I only took about 4-5 puffs. That was enough for me, anyway. Sure, the flavor was good, but the tobacco taste was not.
At any rate, sis is staying for the week and weekend and bro is staying probably until Xmas...but I'm going to crash at Alex' I can do some yoga on Saturday, and then Alex, Sis, Bro, and I are going to go check out Spike & Mike's Twisted Film Festival.
I'd ask the woman in my life right now to come along, but she just wants to be friends, which is unfortunate, because I have genuine feelings for her, so I guess I'm going solo for now, which I think works out, because she's taking a much needed break from people anyway. And no, I am not passive aggressive =P There's also this girl that my brother's still been trying to hook me up with since last time, and I guess I can 'appease' him by at least asking her to come.

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