Friday, October 18, 2002

I'm going to need to find another way to get to the Loft since Sis has decided to change plans. It might actually be too hard to get everyone to go, too. So it may just end up being me & Alex...actually, M-san and C-kun seem interested in going to the Film Festival. Fruck. I'm so bitter, right now.

Damn, I want to go to the fire-spinning session tonight.

I had to choose between staying at Hazy Dayz or going with Alex and Coral to the Coffee House & Abandoned Missile Silo...and I chose to stay at Hazy Dayz. Good choice, I suppose. This way I can get some writing done and crash early. Anyway, I suppose after typing this journal entry, I'm going to head on down to Hazy Days and contemplate this week's events and next week's goals.

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