Thursday, October 17, 2002

I went with Alex to Hazy Days Wednesday Night. Jo was there, along with Jess and Jonya. Chad, Uberboy, and Melissa were also there, as well as the two lovely ladies. Some other people whom I didn't notice in the first visit as well. It was nice to see Jonya in a better mood about herself . It was nice to meet new people....especially that Ryan...he seemed like a cool character. Heh heh, it looked to me like Ryan and Jonya had love at first sight.
It was nice to hear words from the hearts of so many people.
It was awesome. Everyone who read (that I heard) was incredible. But Jo was by far the best reader that night. She intonated and conversed with the audience. She was dynamic, had great presence, and went from point to point, revealing the complex underneath the simple.

I know I'm over it now.
I gotta get back into the groove.

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