Thursday, October 31, 2002

Okay. Well. The plan was to go to a cemetery with my pals on All Hallow's Eve. And eat. I dunno what'll happen though. I've got more programming than I previously imagined. Not to mention I'm using the parents' car. Bad mojo all around. Good luck to me!
I have...mediocre news! I thought the most I'd get on my C# exam was a 77 since I missed the last problem on the test, which was worth a whopping 23 points. However, I somehow managed a 78. One point better than my expected maximum. I am pulling a B in this class now...I think (I hope) and if I continue to ace the programs, and do the extra credit (tetris) and ace the final...I may still be able to get an A!
Quote of the day: "Winners never quit, and quitters never win, but those who never win AND never quit are idiots."
-- Words of wisdom from Despair, Inc
Heh.. I guess I should explain what Hazy Dayz and Donnie Darko are. Donnie Darko is an awesome movie about a teen who can see the future. Hazy Dayz is an awesome hangout/coffee house/hookah bar/lunch bar/bar/writing community hangout/Wednesday Open Mic Night/pool-playing hangout in Tucson, just south of the University of Arizona. For you all that don't know what a hookah is, think of the thing that the caterpillar was smoking in Alice in Wonderland. No, it's not a bong :-D. It's essentially flavored air. usually one of several different flavors; apple, cherry, strawberry, peach, etc... of tobacco coals get lit up and then get filtered through a double filtration system of sand and water...a hellovalot safer than cigarettes. Not that I'd smoke hookahs often, mind you. Hazy Dayz is off of Park I'll give better directions later. They're going to have some sort of new activity on Saturdays starting November 2nd.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Well here I am, again wasting my time. I didn't finish the homework assignment last night, so I'm using up my last free late day on my C# project. Thankfully a late day is defined as one time period between the assignment is due before thursday at 11:59 pm... we'll see what happens.
I've got class in 50 minutes, still programming, or at least trying to. I don't seem to want to focus right now. I've got so much to do, and so much I want to do. I may not get to go to Hazy Dayz or Donnie Darko, but dammit, I WILL fill out that work application today !!

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I met a guy named Jordan today, who was trying to sell his poetry (a bunch of small-fonted computer-printed poems stapled together) for whatever money/change people would give him. My curiousity was peaked, so I bought one, for all the change in the back of my backpack...something like $1.35. He had some interesting things to say...a lot of it was dealing with the usual topics : crimes against humanity... the establishment, capitalism, people being fed template lifestyles through media, etc...but Jordan's writing style is very clean and precise. It has reason and takes you somewhere, logically. Aside from its darkness, I really enjoyed it. I told him there were better ways to do what he was trying to do (trying to sell his work)....And that gave me a brilliant idea with Hazy Dayz...but I'll have to iron it out more before taking it seriously. It's got merit, but I don't want it to become a bad egg. Essentially, we take the best works of the poetry night, get a professor's endorsement, and publish. I'm doubtful that it would even get that far, anyway. Probably no more than a random daydream...
At any rate, I got his number, and will probably talk with him later...I'm going to try and get him to read his stuff on Wednesday at Hazies. I originally wanted to help him out with finding much more intelligent ways of selling/publishing his just erked me so much that someone with such skill would be doing something in such a shoddy manner, but I don't have time, and I can't shift my gears like that. I'll still give him advice about publishing/producing his work, if he asks. I'm not necessarily one to give advice because I've never published anythign. I've researched different ways that I could get my work published, but first I need to finish writing it !!
Tonight there's the MS-SUG meeting, and there's also the Darwin Experience, which I will probably miss out, because of my schoolwork, but what can I say. My other friends know when and where the Darwin Experience is -- some go and some don't, but no one needs my prompting.

Woohoo yeah! I had my C# Test today. I barely made it to the test on time, I hadn't studied, and I had only printed out some helpful handouts five minutes before the test was scheduled to start. And I did not sign up for extended testing in time. Strangely enough, I actually got to the last problem before Andy stopped the test and made everyone hand their papers up. Unfortunately, that last question was worth 23 points. The BEST I can get on this test is probably a 77. Lucky me.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Quote of the day : Only dead fish swim with the current. -- From our good friend, the Masked Bandit . I only wish he was still around to make those damn funny quotes.
Score! Got to school at 6:55am, got in line for registering my cs classes at 7:00, and when the time came at 8:00 (there was a big line at 8) I was in and out in 5 minutes! I got all the classes I wanted except 496H...I need to get Susan Westbrook's permission to attend that one, since I am not in the honors college, and am not by any means an honors student :-p.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Yeah! Just signed up for my classes! First part is done anyway...for me it's a two-step ; first I register for all non-cs classes. then on Monday, I go in very early to wait in line, as though I'm waiting for the first showing of a star wars movie, and sign up for the rest of my classes.
Here's my hopeful schedule:

Class NameCredit hoursDaysStartEnd
MATH 215 Linear Algebra3MW5:006:15
MUS 101A Exploring Music through Piano3MWF11:0011:50
C SC 425 Computer Networking3TueThur9:30 10:45
C SC 346 Discrete Structures5 MTWTF2:002:50
C SC 496H Adv Topics in CS Research1F1:001:50
C SC 452 Principles of Operating SystemsAuditMTWTh4:004:50

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Wow. sorry for the bizarre post -- I'm still keeping it here, but wow.
Well, here I am at school... walked to the bus stop and bussed over to pick up the bike. Didn't make it to yoga class. I'm attempting to go 120 mph on a 40mph road (THIS IS A METAPHOR!!! Don't freak out!). A friend gave me a link to a news article about a man who died from about .... 27? hours of nonstop gaming in an internet cafe. Not the first time this has happened either. Heh. I'll post the link up soon. If I slow down to 110mph, I could still kill myself quite easily. Not that I care. But there's some reason I'm still here. Anyway I bought a new backpack. Strangely enough, in this case I really did need the backpack. My old one keeps on unzipping while I ride the bike, and the handles on both main zippers have been destroyed. I needed a new bag. Since all my friends have had their jansports for years and years, and jansports that have been to more places than I, I figured I'd go with that brand -- makes things a lot easier, I hope. Damn, I'm taking time out of my life to explain in my journal why I bought a backpack. I'm so embittered right now. If you can only change your own perceptions, and not anyone else's, but at the same time, your main goal in life is peace/love/happiness, etc...which is undoubtedly the case for most people, then what else is there? Isn't that, in a sense, still a form of hedonism? What do we have to really keep us here? What is the point if we can't help others and all we're striving for is to be happy? That's not enough for me. I don't want to join a fucking rat race. Am I a hypocrite? Am I compassionate? Or is that another part of my ego?

Friday, October 25, 2002

Okay! New Poll! This one's a bit stranger -- If you could only choose one or the other...which would it be? :

True, everlasting love...but without sex.
The best sex you can possibly experience, with the sexiest, most beautiful
specimen of the gender of your preference, whenever you want.

Place your answer in the comments link below.
(And I certainly would not recommend ever choosing just one or the other in such a relationship as we are discussing here!)
Well, I'm still debating whether or not to rename everyone...
Hi, guys! I'm back. There was no test in mythology. We did go to Gentle Ben's, and then to the Youth House that Coral and Eddie run. I gave Eddie his first drum lessons, and I got to play on a drumset... SOMETHING I HAVEN'T DONE IN ABOUT TWO YEARS! I'm so happy.

Ariana cancelled our outing tomorrow. She's got a lot of stuff to do, so we'll get together later on, when she's not so swamped. That works for me. I've got Yoga tomorrow!
I also need to go and pick up an application at the Guitar Center.
We'll see what happens.
Well here it is, almost time for class and I'm posting at the wrong time again. I'm meeting some friends at Gentle Ben's @ 2:00. God... I woke up late this morning, and then realized that I left my keys and my bag in my mom's car. Fortunately I had the bike chain, so I can still lock my bike up...but I think I may have a test in my mythology class...and I HAVE NOTHING TO STUDY WITH!!!! gack. Oh, good news...but old news now. My sister is staying for another two months. I guess I'll have a lot of time to visit with her. Good thing, too, considering just about everything I've wanted to do with her has fallen through. Oh well. On to destiny.
When I do post metadata, I'll have to change the names of my friends to protect privacy, I suppose. I doubt it'll matter, but I'm an obsessive-compulsive safety freak like that.
After the cs orientation I went over to the Modern Languages Building Auditorium with Jo and Jonya. On Thursdays they show German films with subtitles. tonight, they showed The Legends of Rita. This was based upon the history of the famous one-time terrorist, Rita Vogt, and about what her ideals were about, and how, all during her life, her belief in what she thought was right never wavered. It had points of dry humor, horror, romance, and tear-producing. All in all, it was a very good movie. Afterwards we went to the cafeteria and talked. My brother joined us later on, and Jo and Jonya soon left, going back home, while Ike and I played some pool. then we drove back home and crashed for the night, which brings us to this point.
Well, another day, another dungeon. (Also the name of a fantasy book by Greg Costikyan, btw)
The new CS-major orientation was today. The advisor, head of lab staff, and a few of the head teachers all talked to us about what we could expect, as majors, and what new changes there'd be.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

To meta or not to meta. If I dump meta-content into my page, then people will visit my site...but then I'll have more strangers checking out the site...hmmm
oh well... anyway, I guess when I have time I'll stick in the stuff that the search engines require.

I have a whole shizitload of things to say now, and I don't think I have much time to get into it.
I spent last night at Alex and Matt's again, away from home. I brought along the snare drum and Eddie's b-day present in preparation but I didn't see him at the darwin experience. However, I DID see Ryan! So we hung out a bit and watched the show, and I gave him Jonya's website URL, so he could get her phone # and stuff. Good thing...but it doesn't really matter since I know they must've both gone to the Open Mic tonight at Hazy Dayz...I'm so pissed that I missed out on that...but what I had to do was exponentially more important. I talked with Jo before the Darwin experience...and that talk cleared up a lot of questions I had been asking myself. There are just times where everything comes into focus. So many other things happened today. I talked with Ariana @ the Gould-Simpson building. She got a job working with the Comp-Sci department there, which is pretty damn cool. They even set aside her very own office. Had an emergency today...regarding myself of all things. I've been hurting myself way too much by not sleeping at regular intervals, and sneaking a sugary snack here and there...which for the rest of you wouldn't mean jack, but for me, it's the difference between being alert and falling asleep in class. More to come later on.
I'll have a new poll or two up, and links to previous soon as I find time to add the meta-content and junk. if you build it, they will come.... =D
I've got a lot to post today. A hellofalot. But I've got no time now, must run to class! damn.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Heya! I worked hard today, helping the Rolling Stone Magazine guys set up their displays in the morning, and I helped take stuff down. I got a helluvalotta free tshirts (Xmas & b-day presents) cd-r's, and candy ! (Halloween treats) Not to mention two demo cds. but everyone got those :-p. All in all, today was almost okay...if it weren't for the fact that I think I bombed my Icon exam for CS 372. It's not that I didn't know the material...hell, I think I perfectly answered just about everything that I actually finished!!! The bastards didn't give us nearly enough time. I should've signed up for double time, but again, like an idiot, I did not. I figured I could do the exam without the extra help =P. (((sigh))) Whatever. Still, I gotta look forward to the Darwin Experience tomorrow. Maybe Jo'll be up for it this time. And maybe our little group just might actually make it to Sakura's this time around, instead of IHOP ! =D. At any rate, I made an appointment with Eddie to start his drum lessons on Wednesday, and this morning, I exchanged info with a bassist, who recently exchanged info with a guitarist... HELLZ YEAH!! We're going to jam sometime soon! Let's see... oh yeah! I gotta finish making plans with the guys for our Midnight Halloween Cemetery Picnic !
Oh yeah, Jo and Melissa mentioned an outdoor movie theatre somewhere...I gotta find out where. I'll post up the location later.
Wow. I've got a lot to tell today....but not much time to type it. I've got a programming midterm to study for. Anyway, on Saturday, we went to See Spike and Mike's as planned, with Susan and her ex-boss. Susan's a wild one, and really cool. both she and her friend are my age, 23, which is really nice, but Jo was unable to go, because she woke up an hour after the show started. Spike and Mike's was twisted and sick, just as the festival's name implies...but it was also fairly entertaining. Nougat, Happy Fun Tree, and suprisingly enough, No Neck Joe were all funny. The only show that carried over from the last SMST was Tenacious D's little animated stint. And it costed $7, not $5, and there wasn't a student discount. :-(. After the show we went back to Alex's, where we all had fun and talked about relationships. It was great. I think Susan may have a thing for Alex, but then again, it's far too early to tell, although she has been calling him up to do all sorts of things with her ... including, of all things going to strip clubs!!! But since he's not yet 21, she's been doing that with other friends... She's a wild one.
Apparently I missed out on a live dj performance at Hazy Dayz, which is every Saturday night.
Anyway, on Sunday, Alex and I got out of the house to forage for food, and after a few hours, we made our way to Hazy Dayz to meet Jo and Melissa. I don't know how we did it, but we were somehow able to convince Alex to come along with us to the Nonprofit Animal Sanctuary! At first I didn't think he'd go -- in his words, "No...No...It's not slak-fu, no I can't, nu--okay." Hunh?!
Alex + exercise + work ?!!! wtf?! he claims it was so he could push his heart attack to at least age 30. =) . Anyway, heh heh...we have pictures to prove he was there! We had a blast, we walked almost all the dogs, got to pet the horses, but I didn't do much else. Melissa and Jo were able to get rid of all the tics off of one of the dogs. So far, I've seen the potbellied pig sanctuary, the dog and horse sanctuaries, but I haven't seen the cat sanctuary, and I don't know what other sanctuaries are out here. It's pretty cool, though. At the end of the day, we somehow began a weird conversation about being in a horror movie, and deciding who in the ranch were safe and who was slated to die, based on horror movies. An interesting conversation, but not one I'll likely bring up often. Melissa says she's going to go back on Wednesday and clean tics off of a few more dogs. I'm inclined to go with her and help out.
ANYWAY, I must get back to work on studying for the exam. I needed to type this in before I forgot any of it!
Oh, Jonya's planning on coming back to Tucson, next weekend, but she's not going to make it for the open mic, so I gotta remember to tell Ryan to get in touch with her.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Well it looks like I might crash at Alex's for yet another day. I don't feel so bad about staying there this time :)
We're goin on down to Hazy Dayz again for lunch. I'm rather tempted to call Jo and ask her & Jess to come along to the Spike & Mike's Film festival. They could use a few laughs, and as I remember from last year, most people were convulsing from fits of laughter. Literally. I was one of them =D.
Well. now I have something worthy to put up on this site. Since I was staying at Alex and Matt's house longer than 24 hours, I had a mental might've been the chinchilla shit on the carpet, or the wood chips, or Matt's cigarrette butts everywhere, or the trash that was everywhere, or maybe it was ... well you get the idea. I cleaned and vaccummed their living room, dining room, and swept and mopped their disgusting floor. I did, however stay away from the kitchen. (((cringe))) I just started when Alex decided to take the hand vac and clean up the shit around the rabbit & chinchilla cage. I figured since Matt wasn't there, it certainly wouldn't hurt. Unfortunately, knowing Matt, it'll look even worse within the week =P .
I'll have an "after Matt" picture later on this week!
Here's a picture of me-- an awful one at that .
And don't mind the 5-O'clock shadow on my face =D

here's a picture of Alex, Matt, and Vicadin Victor, their one-time roommate from hell, in that order.

Yoga was intense today. Funny, but it was harder this time around than last time, and yet, I feel less exhausted. I'm not complaining! =)
If you had a choice between these two below,
(and I'm not insinuating that there is a One or the Other choice)
up front...which would you pick?

True, everlasting, perfect love ?


Put your answer in the comments page:
I found only water.

Midnight and all is well, eh?

Yoga in 9 hours.

Friday, October 18, 2002

It looks like I'm going outside get some water and then I'll bike, just to bike. I'm waiting for something to happen. I don't know what I'm waiting for.

But I'll know when I find it !
I'm going to need to find another way to get to the Loft since Sis has decided to change plans. It might actually be too hard to get everyone to go, too. So it may just end up being me & Alex...actually, M-san and C-kun seem interested in going to the Film Festival. Fruck. I'm so bitter, right now.

Damn, I want to go to the fire-spinning session tonight.

I had to choose between staying at Hazy Dayz or going with Alex and Coral to the Coffee House & Abandoned Missile Silo...and I chose to stay at Hazy Dayz. Good choice, I suppose. This way I can get some writing done and crash early. Anyway, I suppose after typing this journal entry, I'm going to head on down to Hazy Days and contemplate this week's events and next week's goals.
Well, I did as Jo suggested and audited my cs 245 course. (She didn't suggest that I audit...I just took her advice on the financial aid ramifications of what auditing the class will do to my full-time status. She's the financial aid wizard, since she has to answer questions like that ALL DAY LONG at her work. =P I do not envy =P I'll have to make it up next semester, but this will open up so many more opportunities for me.
Come ON PEOPLE!! COMMENT, COMMENT ! I know several of you who read my page -- so comment! This is a loose recording of events in my life ! I want recorded comments! =p
This night was awesome (Thursday Night). My sister and brother came by from LA...took 'em 8 hours to get here, heh. I'm suprised that they're both in good health...i.e. no strangle marks on either one of their necks :) bro already knows his way around Tucson as a semi-native, but sis is still getting the hang of it. I think they got into a bit of a scuffle about how to get there :)
I was finally able to give my sister her birthday present...since it came 3 weeks TOO LATE IN THE MAIL!! and it just makes things that much worse since we're twins.
So Bro and I stopped by the U so I could work on my cs 372 work and he could scour the campus for good-looking women to talk to. He's pretty darn good at that too. It's rather frightening to watch.
Anyway, after I was done with my homework, we hooked up with Alex and headed over to Hazy Dayz again.

Well. I did it. I tried smoking a hookah. (cough, heave) =D

It was rather interesting...but it left a horrible aftertaste. I doubt I'll be doing that too often. But I am now proud to say that the first, last, and only thing I've ever smoked is a hookah! We left at about 12:20 or so, tired and hookah'd out. Hell, I only took about 4-5 puffs. That was enough for me, anyway. Sure, the flavor was good, but the tobacco taste was not.
At any rate, sis is staying for the week and weekend and bro is staying probably until Xmas...but I'm going to crash at Alex' I can do some yoga on Saturday, and then Alex, Sis, Bro, and I are going to go check out Spike & Mike's Twisted Film Festival.
I'd ask the woman in my life right now to come along, but she just wants to be friends, which is unfortunate, because I have genuine feelings for her, so I guess I'm going solo for now, which I think works out, because she's taking a much needed break from people anyway. And no, I am not passive aggressive =P There's also this girl that my brother's still been trying to hook me up with since last time, and I guess I can 'appease' him by at least asking her to come.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

I went with Alex to Hazy Days Wednesday Night. Jo was there, along with Jess and Jonya. Chad, Uberboy, and Melissa were also there, as well as the two lovely ladies. Some other people whom I didn't notice in the first visit as well. It was nice to see Jonya in a better mood about herself . It was nice to meet new people....especially that Ryan...he seemed like a cool character. Heh heh, it looked to me like Ryan and Jonya had love at first sight.
It was nice to hear words from the hearts of so many people.
It was awesome. Everyone who read (that I heard) was incredible. But Jo was by far the best reader that night. She intonated and conversed with the audience. She was dynamic, had great presence, and went from point to point, revealing the complex underneath the simple.

I know I'm over it now.
I gotta get back into the groove.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Well, Darwin Experience (A comedy improv group at the U, run by students) was awesome last night...I was there with Alex, Eddie, Coral, and Audrey...Jo unfortunately fell asleep and missed out. But the funny thing about that is : there's always next week =P. We went to dinner afterwards...or breakfast, anyway, since it was at IHOP. We had planned on Sakura's but that was closed. We ate, drank, and were merry. Audrey paid for everyone...really nice of her. I dropped everyone off, went back home...stayed up till about 3:30. crashed. And am now just waking up...I don't think I'll stay out that late again, tho least not on a school night. That was just stupid.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I didn't get anything accomplished today. :)
How boring is that? Well, since my site isn't really doing anything for yah, you might as well try something more The Drake Equation...The controversial equation that gives a good idea about how much intelligent life could be out in space.
Here's a link to Seti's implementation of it, along with explanations of each variable. At the bottom, there's a list of textboxes that allow you to mess with the Drake Equation and see what you get!
The Drake Equation

I tried the drake equation twice. I got dissappointing numbers. one was 15 civilizations per galaxy, the other was 1.5.
keep in mind that there is one other planet and one other moon in this solar system that might be capable of sustaining life.(or might have been, in Mars' case)
Yesterday a friend of mine related some $hit that happened to him...It makes me think twice about wanting to fix my he was about to turn out of a parking lot, some woman in a truck turned in and scraped the side of his car...she did everything that she was supposed to do...which, of course, was to blame him. He should've been doing the same to cover his a$$....but now she's filing a claim against him...f*ing sucks.
Whoops...I woke up a bit late today. Should've expected it, since in THE PREVIOUS 4 DAYS I'VE HAD ABOUT 9 OR SO HOURS OF SLEEP!

Monday, October 14, 2002

Well then. I still need to finish ordering Eddie's B-Day present, send the health insurance risk assessment paperwork to my doctor, and of course, there's the CS 245 homework...but I'll finish that tomorrow. It's easy enough now. Tomorrow I get my hair cut yet again. Recently I cut my hair myself, but the sides came out almost perfect fade...but 2nd best still loses. I'm goin' to the barber shop.
I gotta look good for job interviews...speaking of, my mom dropped me some good news about another prospective summer internship!!! This place called SAS, where the turnover rate is approx. 3% per every three years! Everyone who works there loves it too. But in the meantime, I gotta find a $hit job. Christmas season really is my savior :-p . First stop, Borders and Bookman's of course. I suppose I could sell my services as a professional grammar checker or computer tech, but these are hardly constant sources of income. *sigh* having a car is a love-hate relationship... it takes you where you want to go, but it pollutes and might as well have a port for money to go in, cuz it eats cash like no other. I need to get that car fixed. I need to move closer to school. I need to LIVE !
Gawd. Where is that "Life for Dummies" Manual?

The words of the day are : honesty and integrity

Tomorrow's word is: courage
I'm so damn tired.
Well I didn't make it.
I guess I have two days to clean up the homework and hopefully only get 5 points off for lateness. it is, 4:19 am. Will I finish my homework in time?

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Wow. Sometimes you just wish there was a life-owner's manual. Hmm...Living Life for Dummies...

I'm gonna go to bed early...see if I can get up at 3, get to school early and finish this cs homework. ugh. No more late days... I gotta get to class.
On to work...I've got 4 hours till daylight is gone...I need to weed and clean before then...ugh...and then it's homework from the sadistic cs 245 teacher...who just happens to be a newbie :-p as she is a grad student. I still consider grad students one of us, but as another grad student, Andy, my C# teacher, once explained to me, there's a certain point in the grad course work, when you can't take anymore...when the work is gruelling, the pay sucks, and evil professors take you for granted and then take credit for all your work...and then you become a sadist, just like the rest. Fortunately, he hasn't reached that point yet.
I guess I wasn't as remotely safe here as I thought. Well, so much for the opinionated nothings. I'm sure I must've offended a good friend by now.
A friend has recently told me, "happiness IS dependent upon feelings and perceptions BUT, YOU have FULL power OVER your feelings and perceptions."
I think she's right. I had more to say, but, aw hell.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Check out this neat little 3rd party add-on for everyone's favorite Instant Messaging Service, AIM!
It's called "Aim+" for obvious reasons :-D
Big-O Software
Finally! I got this page up and running... and with the most bizarre errors, too! It seems that certain characters in the template editor would be replaced with the ">" character, which, as you can imagine, wreaked havoc with the page!
But, hopefully, that's all fixed, now. I scanned every f***ing line of that code to fix it. :)
here, check out my friend Alex's site. He's a practitioner of "slak-fu"!
The Way of the Slacker

But if you want to be downright nasty about it, he just procrastinates :-P
page is getting really screwy...heh
Maybe I should change a few things, no ?
This is the start of my new web page...woo!