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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Well, I've done some thinking. This seems to be the random thought of the day, but oh well :
Slave labor fucking sucks. I'm going to make a resolution to search for only the clothing not made by bastard companies who use slave labor...
Monsanto fucking sucks. Unfortunately, White wave is a subsidiary... damn ... I'll add to this later.

LATER is NOW. (Edited at 10:25 pm on 12-29-2002)

I did some research and this may be a bunch of PR bullshit, but here are the supposedly safe companies I found ... THE GAP has rules against such dehumanization !!! WOO HOO! Also, supposedly, neither Georgi Armani and Thomas Pink Companies have factories in developing countries. But Polo Ralph Lauren has NO CODE OF CONDUCT AT ALL in regards to slave labor and etc etc etc ...
another store with a code of conduct, with inspections and etc against such inhuman behavior is Timberland, so my next pair of shoes will be from them. Next we have food and groceries ... both Safeway and Wal-mart are safe. Here's the bad news though:
Monsanto actually owns White Wave, a company which makes Silk (Soy milk). Silk is the best brand of soy milk all-around, and is much better for you than normal milk, but while Whitewave is supposedly against genetic modification of foods until our scientists (genetic mechanics) know more about what's going on under the hood, Monsanto has done repeatedly sick and dangerous things with their products; most recently, they've been trying to get permission to use their own form of "Round-up" on their food products ... ROUND-UP ... ON THE FOOD WE EAT!!! How's that as food for thought? Oh, and if all else fails, there's always buying from a second hand store... although that sort of bothers me. A lot.

Friday, December 27, 2002

Last night was killer - Mike1 and I were at Mike2's house... we partied, celebrated Mike2's 21st birthday ... I was the designated driver, but I still had a lil bit of mead and sake. We had pizza, pizza pockets, and then more pizza ... rented of all things, Labrynth and Willow, cuz we were feeling a bit nostalgic ... oh damn! I was going to borrow the LOTR Extended Version DVD from Mike2! Oh well. A lot of strange shit went on that night. A very fun and funny night, last night. I had about 2 hours of sleep. I am tired!!
JonyaThis is Jonya. She's a cool gal, always doing something interesting. (Mama is the name of the dog in front...Mama has sky blue eyes... simply incredible... I don't believe I've ever seen a dog with such eyes ... I think she's called Mama because of Foxy and Faun, her pups.)
puppies! Foxy and Faun, cute young pups at the shelter.
On the road again!This is Jess, me, and Jonya sitting in the back of Melissa's 4x4, (Jo and Melissa in the front) on our way to the Animal Shelter. I asked Jo to take a picture ... and got more of a picture than I had bargained for ! ^^

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Merry X-mas !

Monday, December 23, 2002

Dangit ... I'm starting on project FOO-TCL , and I don't know which language I'm going to write the translator in !!!
So now I'm comparing writing it in C++ as opposed to SML ... although prolog is fairly tempting because of its database-like nature.
Well, I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I'm working on yet another project to add some interesting features to javascript ... the only problem is that in calling these features I have to put the modified code in another place other than the <script type = javascript&rt; code ... I guess the first thing I should do is check to see if I can put ID's on script tags. oh well. Anyway, progress on FOO continues ... I'm thinking about naming it !C or C! ... (bang C) or (C bang) ... but those names just kinda suck... I'm still adding more and more features, (most seem to be easily implemented) but I'm going to need to find a point to stop or else I won't get done with the translator by the time school starts back up.
Anyway, I'll start posting up good information on javascript as soon as I'm not so swamped. I saw The Two Towers again !! It's even better the second time around; you get to catch the stuff that you missed and/or wanted to see again ! Wonderful ... except I was really pissed at the use of Gimli for a bit of low-level comic relief ... which was pointless and irritating. Fortunately, unlike Jar-jar, the bastards couldn't rewrite Gimli's part in the books and thus they couldn't remove his saving grace, which was the fact that he is an important character in the books and that he can certainly hold his own in combat ... and the actor playing him is so damn good.
The whole family went to Barnes & Noble today and we spent about 4 hours in there ... I searched for information on fiction-writing, Visual Studio.NET, code-testing, and various programming languages in linux, but unfortunately all they had was surface crap ; nothing on MSIL or making VS.NET compilers, and certainly nothing on different programming paradigms ... except aspect-oriented programming ... unfortunately the book that explained aspect-oriented programming didn't give a clear definition at all, and instead chose to work around it, giving 'examples' and vague notions; at least, never a CLEAR and PRECISE visual and/or concrete definition, with the idea that only by the time you finish the damn book, you'll have an idea of what aspect-oriented programming is. I put that junk back on the shelf. I'll look the paradigm up online! Anyway.
I found some info on Lisp, Ruby, Perl, and Python, and that's about it.
Still it was great.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Songs of the moment: Gothic Sandy OC Remix , by Mazedude, and Monster Condo by Chuck Dodgers (Doom2 song remixes) both from Remix.overclocked.org

WHOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!
(but I still fear for my grades ... *shivers*)
And then I went out with Susan and Alex to Coral & Eddie's Youth House ... essentially a place for ADHD teens to hang out ... sometimes fun, sometimes nice, but always dangerous and scary =P ... well, not that bad. As soon as we got there, Eddie was just taking off because he had to go be at a Christian store from 8-12 to discourage shoplifters. Shoplifters ... shoplifting ... on the busiest Saturday night ... of THE HOLIDAY SEASON ?!! What the hell are they doing in a Christian store, anyway ?! Well, I'm not Christian, and don't claim to know the mind of god, nor claim to know of anyone who does, but it's always good to see others standing up for what they believe in, so hey, people, don't be hypocrites to your own beliefs. If you believe, then PRACTICE YOUR RELIGION, if you don't, or if you're a "passive" believer, then you don't really follow "your" own religion, now do you?
Anyway, Eddie's strategy when a shoplifter is identified, is to ask politely if the person needed a basket because he knows that the person didn't want to accidently leave the store with it, or for anyone to think that person was shoplifting ... brilliant !
After eating a whole bunch of veggies and some pastries, and after a theological discussion and an academic one with the other Jamie and with Coral, I met back up with Susan and Alex, and we went to TGIF's for some mudslides! After downing two of 'em , and after Susan drank one and then another alcoholic drink (Alex mentioned that they were all named after some kind of natural disaster! ... "Finish your natural disasters so we can leave!" so, Susan paid for the drinks (Now I owe her... and if I get the job at the Planetary Sciences building, then I'll owe her even more , not to mention that she drove me home! ) and tossed me the keys, and we to see "The Two Towers", while Alex paid for the tickets.. ^^; ! It was incredible ! There were some techincal issues that I didn't really agree with, but I still loved every aspect of that movie!! Smeagle/Gollum was INCREDIBLE !!! the 3d animation and motion capture that went into creating him was just incredible ... I heard that the motion-capture actor had to do just about everything that you see Smeagle/Gollum do in the film... some of the best acting done by an actor whose face you never even see throughout the whole movie, eh ? :-)

Friday, December 20, 2002

Yay! They fixed whatever problems they were having ! My site is back to normal! And I'm about to take my last final... Standard ML ... I've been madly printing out notes since it's open note/open book ... man I've got a story to tell about my other final, too ... but first, off to get some grub ... If I'm late for the final, then I'm screwed ! L8r !

Warning: incoming final... Warning: incoming final...
Estimated time of Arrival : T - 00:24:32 hours and counting.


Thursday, December 19, 2002

Okay, so not only are MY ARCHIVES NOT updating, I can't seem to get the page out of archiving by Month instead of Week... Which means that the javascript is giving funky errors. I checked status.blogger.com and they claim to be having all sorts of problems... gaaah!

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Dangit! I was so ready to get started on FOO... I took one last search through various languages online and found a few more of note... especially Kiev and Pizza
These both seem to be brilliantly designed languages and implement much (but not all) of what I was after. Mainly, Kiev's AI engine.
However, there is the main drawback that they're both implemented IN JAVA. I have nothing against java, its just that, LIKE VS.NET, you need to download the freakin' runtime ! gah!

not to mention that any programming language with an average speed comparable to VISUAL BASIC is just embarrassing. There's no other word for it. Such elegance is wasted ON HIDEOUS bytecode... and I'll tell you something ... A UofA alumni told me a story about when he took CSC 369? maybe he meant ECE 369? ... essentially you learn about machines, OSes, compilers, etc ... at any rate, for some reason or another, for part of a rather large project, he needed to look into understanding java bytecode... he told me it was the ugliest stuff he had ever seen.... no comment.

So anyway, I need to rethink how I will implement the logic engine, since Kiev's AI engine has quite a bit of elegance to it ... they took the so-called "AI engine" a bit further than I did, and implemented full-on rules, as well as using the @= sign to represent sets of rules (sort of like Icon's '!' bang operator, or C#'s 'foreach' statement.)
That's pretty darn cool. I'll need to think about whether I want to support full-on prolog-style predicates.

Of course, FOO will have the 'suspend' statement. Actually, so will C#, soon... I forget what they're going to call it... supposedly the same as Ruby's ... something like wait or hold or join or something ... oh well.
Okay, so it has been put to my attention that I described the day as weird and totally skipped the subject by going into one of my various projects... okay. I had the MOST bizarre talk online with a friend about the perkiness of ... um... *stuff* in her artwork....'nuff said. =P

Hmm.... what else... Ah yes, today is the day before D-Day... The day before I go to the Planetary Sciences building and plead for a job programming in Java... right after finishing my C# final ... ugh ... I'm going to need to finish it early ... arrrgh !
I had a talk with a friend about the time he whacked another friend in the head with a 2-foot rubber dildo ... we won't get into details, suffice to say that it was not a sexual gesture in any shape or form! =)

Umm... studied. Have decided to sell the Kaoh khen ... :-(

Music of the moment: The Radetsky March .
Today was weird. I added more design specifications to Parasite. All I really need to do right now is copyright all my junk, and then I'll be able to post information on FOO and Parasite. (remember, foo is just a project name... once I figure out a cool language name, it'll switch. |:-D ) I've been searching the web and found a lot of interesting information on programming languages. I even found some languages which were undergoing the process of integrating some of the things I'm doing with FOO ... but they all look ugly to me ... I'm making FOO as closely related to the standard style family of programming languages (Icon/Java/Javascript/C/++/#) as possible. At any rate, I'm making foo emulate C/++/#/Java because A: it's a hellofalot easier than making a language from scratch and B: people will pick up on it QUITE easily. It's basically C++/# with more OPTIONS ! (if you think of it as the child of C++, then you can imagine ALOT more options =P )
The main goal of FOO was just to make a C++/# - esque programming language that was FASTER than VISUAL BASIC (gaaaah!) easier to read and use, to add various small aspects of other languages that I enjoyed, and work around the more arbitrarily complicated aspects of the languages and their family. NOT to mention, that I rather like the idea of being able to implement a DirectX application in C# ... alas ... C# isn't what one would call "time-critical".
I will begin by implementing a "quick and dirty" linux FOO2C++ translator... which'll be called Parasite.
I'll also run some benchmarks on the speeds of applications run in VC#, VC++, and VC++ dlls run from VC#. The benchmarks will focus on pointer manipulation.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

A friend's aim profile:
Hi, many of you know me as the jovial [*Edited name*]. But this away message is of the utter most urgency and seriousness. If you care about me at all, %n, you will message **[Edited AIMname]** and say to him "no love for you".
memorable quotes from an otherwise shitty semester-

"that's like a peppermint fuck to my brain"

"no Ron, i'm dancing on this grave because i'm cold; not because i'm possessed"


"dude, i just had this dream in 372..."

"le chat?! thats a lame french name. Call me Poodle."

-my coccyx

"he didn't even recognize me, i'm bald now... and i have boobs like Ron"

End quote
And thus begins the start of PROJECT "FOO" !
I'll be working on a better language name, but I like "foo" for now. It stands for Functionally Object-Oriented, but if you want to be a jerk about it, I suppose you could also call it "fool". At any rate, stage one is to create and test a foo2cpp translator for the feasability of all my ideas. So, my little translator, I shall dub thee "Parasite" ! I shall be implementing the first one in linux, just to be fast and furious ... I hope to finish over the break, even though that may be an impossible task, considering family is coming for the holidays...
Well, apparently, this web site works fine in Opera 6.05 as long as you're not using Windows XP !!! =P MEH!!!!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Here are instructions to add an online detector to your AIM Remote sidebar. =)
After messing around with 7 different browsers, along multiple versions, in my quest to make my site more viewer-friendly, I can honestly tell you which browsers suck.
Netscape 7 is perhaps, the best, with Internet Explorer 6.0 just barely behind.
Of course, since NS 7 is free, doesn't need the latest Windows OS to run, and includes AIM installed with it, is also very polite as far as what features you want, and not to mention the javascript console to check for errors, and the multiple tabs within a single window, whereas IE forcefully integrates its instant messenger and passports into EVERYTHING, and makes you hunt down all the places you need to turn it off, I like NS 7 the best. Still, IE-6 is pretty much the best browser in terms of quality and performance, and not to mention that the blogger editing page looks a helluvalot nicer in IE6 than anything else I've seen it in.
Next we have Mozilla ... There are a few errors, but Mozilla is another quality browser, a bit below NS7 and IE6, because of the kinks and bugs not worked otu yet, but for open source and freeware, it rocks... and of course, it's **much** better than *all* of NS7 & IE6's precursors. A step below that is Konqueror ... yes it's oldschool, but the features are so darn cool, expecially with its integration in KDE ... another step lower, we have Netscape 6.2 ... I hate 6.2. Buggy and ugly and slow. Very buggy. I hate it.
Moving on... we have Opera6. WTF. What is with all my opera javascript errors? They don't make sense, the javascript error-reporter gives a bit more easily understood error descriptions, but is totally useless since it doesn't even report the LINE NUMBER OF THE FREAKIN' ERROR!!! =P how useful is THAT?!
Not to mention that Opera6's javascripting and DOM and DHTML support in general, bites. it bites hard. Now, other than that, Opera's got some really cool features and a bazillion customization features ... if it wasn't so pushy about sticking ONLY with the standards -- i.e. if they decided to be a bit more compatable with NS & IE and the cool DHTML & DOM stuff, then I'd more than willingly rate it up in the top with NS7 & IE6 ... alas, such is not the case. Simply because of the lack of support for much of the non-standard javascript features used by the browsers that brute-force their own standards, I dislike Opera6 ... and that is *the worst reason* indeed to hate it, since that is why it's so elegant. I'll have to look at Opera 7 to see if there are any changes. Finally, we have Phoenix. A mozilla/gecko clone essentially made for the purpose of being fully cross-platform . Urm... I thought that was also the case for Mozilla and Chimera ... ? Sorry, I won't pretend to know the details, but it's still eerie !
Well, that's my lil rant for the day !

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Dangit ... So I downloaded and installed Phoenix and Opera last night. Didn't bother looking through them until today.
It appears that Opera doesn't like the "innerHTML" keyword... in fact, Opera hates DHTML in general. That really bites. And Phoenix, like Mozilla, doesn't seem to understand that the links within my posts are ACTUALLY LINKS ! graaah!

Friday, December 13, 2002

Kewl. I did some editing with Aol's most awesome Instant Messenger Sidebar and viola ! We have an online detector in the sidebar ! I figured I wouldn't be the only one who'd want this, so as soon as I rewrite my code for clarity and efficiency, I'll post the directions on how to add the detector to your AIM sidebar ... I'm wondering why the people at AOL haven't done this already !

I wish they would, because I'm having trouble anti-aliasing the dang letters on these images to make them look like they belong in the sidebar...

OH IMPORTANT NOTE: in order for your online detector to work properly, YOU MUST SET YOUR ACCOUNT TO ALLOW ANYONE TO CONTACT YOU, but FORTUNATELY, that DOES NOT mean turning off your "ignore" list .
I repeat,
that DOES NOT mean turning off your "ignore" list .
those two settings are in different places, so you should have no trouble figuring out which is which. If you know what you're doing however, and don't want to wait for me to post my code, then just go to my website and grab the images
Or, conversely, if you don't know what you're doing but really want them added to your AIM-remote now, just post a comment and I'll send you the info, but I'm not sure when I'll get to it. But I'll do that AFTER I redesign my links and left-sidebar. Or maybe not ... who knows. Finally, if you don't even want the AIM Remote (but it's so cool ! =P who wouldn't want it? ) Then you can go here for a small and lite online detector for *any* of your favorite major Instant Messenger services !
By the way, I added a new link to the links list: Kinetic Sage & Company's online RPG

Later !

Oh, ps - Joanne (UW jo, not UA jo) if you don't make some sort of web log soon, I'm going to post your tales up here ! ! ! Muwa ha ha ha =P

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Ever think that we as Americans are secretly being brainwashed by the media and corporate overworld? You're absolutely wrong! THEY'RE BLATANTLY brainwashing us! =D No secrets there ! Heh ... but in what ways you ask? Well, they're all around us ... but not just from the corporate world! Yes, just when you thought the war was over and it was safe, it finally dawns on you...: The Communists have won ! Napster? Kazaa? Morpheus? Go-zilla? Fasttrack? Other peer2peer software-sharing and piracy programs? etc etc etc ... you all know who you are ! =P "When you download mp3s, you're downloading communism !" -- I forget where I saw this funny quote ... Or even worse... click on the links to find out how you've been brainwashed by ...
Stalin Claus and Nintendo's Mario the Red !
Yes, folks ... nothing is sacred anymore, not even the color 'red' ! We're not safe from communism ... we are communism !! aaaaarrrrrgghhh!!!!!
Okay, so thus begins the process of browser filtration. So far so good. Next I'll work in the buttons. Depending on the browser type, I'll give the page either dynamic or static buttons. Mozilla doesn't crash anymore when I refresh the page !! whoop ! that means it was a cascading style sheet problem all along, and not javascript !!! How bizarre !
Oh, and Mike2 just found this strange little gem of a link, about UFO's supporting the War on Iraq
Whoop ! The new pictures are now IN !! I just need to upload the suckers !
they're great too... the only trouble is that my ratio of good pics to bad pics is about 1:5093930394409209832320981089391
ugh. 2:30pm Tired. Was supposed to stop by Planetary Sciences building today to inquire about a job, but my contact flew the coop yesterday night, driving off in the wrong direction, I might add =P, and the contact to my contact is a no-show. Oh well. I'll have to use that strange thing ... what's it called... oh! Initiative!!! It's an interesting concept. I'll have to wait until Tuesday after 12 to try it. At least it'll give me time to recover from these hideously long nights of homework. New poll coming soon... I don't get it with you guys... the site is getting more viewers everyday, but no one fills out the polls !
why?! They're quite interesting ! Heck, I'll sign 'em! They're not "Polls" per se ... they're just mini-essay questions ... big whoop ! They're fun ! Sign them ! Aw, heck, what am I saying ... would *I* sign them if I was viewing someone else's site? *Maybe* ! =D
I doubt I'd sign them if the author was constantly pestering his viewers to sign them, so I guess it's a catch-22, anyway =P
Wow. I knew I'd have to update my stories at some point; I've been promising them for quite some time now. This just so happens to be the best time, since I am now finished with my last two assignments for Fall 02 Semester:
C# Final Project
Comparative Programming Languages Final Paper
Where to begin? I'll start from two days ago, on Tuesday Morning.
On the way to the U, I was somehow given the good fortune to ride the same bus as several seriously drunk individuals. As were a full class of 14 elementary school students and 2 teachers. The bus driver, one of the teachers, and I got into quite an interesting conversation about alcohol consumption, and the effects. The drunkards were none too polite, but the bus driver shared with us some of her trade secrets and strange experiences for/on handling disoriented individuals.
1.) The "twenty" trick: If they stumble onto the first step, she looks down, points out behind the individual and politely asks, "Hey, is that your twenty down there?" The moment the person is off the bus, she closes the doors and moves right along!!!
2.) The above trick worked on a man 2 times in a row, over a span of one month. The third and final time, he caught on, and she replied, "Oh, no sorry, it's a ten," and he turns around to pick up the non-existent ten dollar bill. Of course I don't believe this story at all, but it still gives a good laugh.
The others are interesting, but not enough to type in right now (I'm getting bored =P) So moving along, then...
After classes I'm programming, but not as much as I should be; I'm instead goofing off, because I can't seem to focus on the task at hand and my imminent doom... so I work on my resume and cleaning up my website ... etc ... finally at around 7:XXpm I really get serious about my homework, and the hours fly by. I don't have a ride home. But I remember that the Charles Darwin Experience (CDE), a Comedy Improvisation Group run by students at the University of Arizona were hosting a kegger party that night at 10:00, since as you can read from their web site, they've been "evicted" from their current location by cops because all this semster it has now been illegal to use the campus rooms after 10:00 pm ... which is rather counter-productive considering the fact that CDE starts every Tuesday AT ten o'clock ! So they hosted an awesome party, I went to it in hopes of running into a friend that could drive me home, because the alternative would mean waking up a family member on the other side of town at midnight in hopes of getting a ride from them ... now no one wants to be a burden upon their family or friends ... but some things you JUST don't do ... like rudely waking up a Kodiak bear in hibernation with accurate directions detailing where and how he can most easily you and maul you.
So I was fortunately able to find a friend to give me a ride home. I stayed at CDE a bit longer and enjoyed the free beer, which was quite fruity. I actually liked the taste. I took some pictures so I could finally get my old film developed ... so new pictures ARE on the way! I must've had at least 4 beers. The next morning I finally remembered why I didn't like drinking too much alcohol at one time ... it always screws with my throat for days on end afterwards. Fortunately I'm the exact same person drunk as I am sober -- (isn't it funny how the people who shouldn't be drinking are the ones who do so most often, and those who can actually hold their liquor are the ones who drink the least?)--
Anyway, I met up with my friend Susan after CDE was over, and was able to get a ride from her ...
And talked with some of the cast members ...
I'm going to audition for the cast next semester !!!!
I told Jason of CDE about setting up a PayPal account for their website ...
I think he's the one that maintains it, anyway. It looks phat to me.
And finally, I met up with Mark of CDE and Ryan as well as Ted? Thomas? oh damn, I can't believe I forgot his name...
there's a guy that reads every once in awhile at Hazy Dayz...his poetry is rather incredible. In fact I have some
of it here right now... I'll post it up for you guys as soon as I find out whether or not he's copyrighted it, yet.
So Susan and I talked about a lot of things ... I may end up getting a good job interview today after 12 !!!
I posted on here earlier about what Susan's job is, and just the idea that I might be able to get a job
like that just RULES!!!!

So we end up stopping by Alex's house to say hello, since Alex and Susan are unoffically boyfriend and girlfriend...
I really don't understand them ... If I see two people attempting to suck each others' teeth out, in Alex's words, then that means BF/GF.
But Susan has this thing about commitment with the bf/gf thing and another semi-bf/gf relationship somewhere and blah blah...

We get to Alex's, talk a while, and we find out that DaVinci the Chinchilla has once again escaped her cage. 5 minutes,two successful grabs, another successful escape, and 3 ounces of chinchilla shit later, DaVinci is back in the cage with Van Goh, the floppy-eared rabbit, veteran survivor of the Vicadin Victor.
And by this time, I have chinchilla shit on my left hand & knees, and chinchilla fur on my inner and outer jackets.
the funny thing is that I would only have the fur on my jacket if Alex and Matt's apartment wasn't once again a hideous mess, and rabbit and chinchilla shit wasn't all around.
Strangely enough, their mess isn't even as bad as it normally is. But I still intend to get a photo of it to complete my before and after pictures of their place !
Finally, we bid farewell, Susan drops me off and I walk out just in time to to see her drive off in the wrong direction!!! She sort of left without the directions on how to get back out on Speedway. (not too hard...just gotta remember to take only left-hand turns) I hope it didn't take her too long to get home !!! ;)
That brings us to Wednesday !
I woke up. I worked on the website. I programmed. I thought I was getting a ride from my sister, but her car battery died. So I took the bus, and made it to my last Comparative Programming Languages (I hope) class.
If I get a C, I'll be forced to retake the course.
Stuart summed up the class and what would be on the test etc, etc... and I volunteered to monitor the class evaluations... heh heh.
Strangely enough, I didn't even really try to look at everyone's responses as I counted the number of sheets...but it was completely clear that no one had anything bad or even adequate to say about the class; all the scores were in the high markings. Of course, I wasn't suprised. Stu is the man.
There's just no other way to explain a person getting fired from Stanford -- FOR GIVING ADVICE TO A STUDENT ON WHICH DRUGS TO TAKE,and then getting a job here at UofA as one of the best damn teachers in the University, AND I hear that he's actually gay and open about it too!
How about that? Impressive!

So at any rate, it's 4:00, I grab some food, drop off the teacher evaluations, and this is where I begin to panic, because I pretty much haven't even gotten to the Constructor of the first class of my C# assignment, and it's due in 8 hours. Heh. Everyone else had been working on it for the past few days. What had I been doing? Easy... WORKING ON OTHER HOMEWORK!!! GAAAAAAAH!!!! I turnin the first version of the project at midnight, but in actuality, I finish it at 2:00 but have trouble turning it in. So now I have not a fucking clue as to whether it'll get graded or not. And what's worse, my first assigment in that class STILL hasn't been graded yet, and I don't know why ! It was at about 2:10 that I realized I hadn't done the Comparative Programming languages assignment yet... heck, I'll post it up in the "Stuff" Section for your reading pleasure... I'm damn proud of the paper I wrote...after all, I wrote it in 35 minutes!
Now, I'm just spending time, waiting for the buses to start running again, since I'm stranded here at the computer lab. I'm talking with friends online, who'll no doubt have some things to comment on shortly.

I'm also waiting for 5:30am to roll around so I can call my Mom before she goes to work to tell her I'm safe and sound. I think I'll stay here, eat breakfast, stop at home, take a power nap and come back ... I need to write my list of supplies for the Microsoft Grants on my Visual Studio Web Services Automatic Study Group Scheduler and the preliminary design and information gathering on making the 'functionally objective' .NET language. I'm probably going to call it something stupid like "foo©" == Functionally Object-Oriented, or Fo-Pa ©. =P who knows! Anyway, Grant Hawkes is hosting the last Microsoft Student User Group Meeting today at 5 or 6...he's giving away a bunch of stuff, the least of which are 4 XBOXES!!! And he's going to announce my own MS-language project, which'll be awesome, so I have to be there...and I must wear MS apparel to be sure I'm eligible to win an XBOX !!! wooo !!!
So that's my last few days in a nutshell.
wow. it's 5:00. I've got another half hour before I call home. Buses start running at 5:15, but there's no way in hell I'm going to bike those last 3-5 miles home, AND make it up that damn hill ... it's a steep bike ride for all of the last mile ! I'll either wait here and eat breakfast or go to Micheru/Rembion & Colin's and eat breakfast there.
Whew... here's a lil treat a friend sent me at about 3:30am...MAKE YOUR OWN SOUTH PARK CHARACTER!

Oh, and PS- I came across some old Shogi Word Documents that I worked on earlier to cut and paste onto cardboard and make my own Japanese Chessboard. I'll post 'em up later for downloading and printing as well as some other things after I've copyrighted the images.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

This page converts itself by a nontrivial amount(actually, by THE trivial amount, but only people who know linear algebra will get that stupid joke :-p) to look properly in different browsers. It looks *the* best when viewed in the latest versions of IE (6.0 or greater) or Netscape (7.0 or greater) on Windows :=p
And a shitload of dhtml and javascript+blogger's cool blogging system make it all possible !
(sorry, mac users ... you get the butt-ugly version =P . I have nothing against macs ... especially now that they're a linux hybrid ! I just don't own one yet =P )

This page was edited entirely in Textpad (http://www.textpad.com) from the ground UP! All the navigational art and the background art started their lives pixel for pixel in Microsoft Paint, and when they were old enough, they moved onto Adobe Photoshop, where they learned the art of gradients, and once they grew up, they decided it was time to move out to the web !

The site still looks *acceptable* or better in the following browsers when the monitor is at least at a resolution of 1024x768:
Internet Explorer 5.X and better
Netscape 4.X and better
Mozilla 1.X and better
Phoenix 0.5
Opera 6.X and better
Konquerer 2.2
Still untested :
Internet Explorer 4.X,
Macintosh versions of Netscape/ Internet Explorer/ Mozilla/ Opera
Opera for XP understands neither the DHTML NOR the dynamic DOM functions

And you guys are free to take a look at the various stats on my Site Meter account
this'll give you all the cool details such as what percentage of viewers are using which browsers on which domain, in which language, in what time zones, and what standards the software supports ! It's pretty darn cool !
Heh, here's something that y'all should get a good kick out of !

Top 10 Signs You're Not a Very Good Shaman:
10. Your drum and chant ends with "Hey! Macarena!"
9. You find your animal totem in the other world, and it pees on your leg
8. Your psychic visions are interrupted by commercials
7. You're making a medicine wheel when someone comes up and starts yelling, "That's my steering wheel!"
6. Bored with the sweat lodge, you ask the guy beside you to pull your finger
5. You're asked to put out the sacred fire in your apartment
4. You put on the wolf skin and begin chanting, and then you hear a growling sound in your ear
3. Your spirit guide did ten years in the state penitentiary, wants to know where the action is
2. You believe you're taking a mind-altering substance, then your wife asks where her birth control pills are

1. You thought Soul Retrieval was a James Brown song

The credit for this funny top-tenner goes to furry-spirit@yahoogroups.com
Okay ... I have no idea why I added Mike2 to my website team ... I guess I wanted to see if I could do it. It's a pretty damn cool setup which I haven't noticed before ... so for everyone who doesn't know, for each *website* you have with blogger, you can add team members, who can be administrators or just normal team members. It's pretty damn cool ! But now I know I can do it, I'm not sure I really want *any* other friend to be able to put posts up . Sorry, Mike ! =P

Oh, and btw ... I have one hellofa story to tell about last night !

More pictures ARE on the way !

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Okay, guys... here's a host of great images for your viewing pleasure !!!
Please note: that all but the first four of these images are quite tasteless and offensive, but certainly not R-rated at all (even though I'd give the last one a PG-13 rating), so right now I urge you to A: double check that you want to view these images, and B: if you do, then check to make sure no one around you will be offended ...

Visual Binary ++ !

The Fragmenter !

PopUpAnywhere !

The Lumpy Distribution !

The Orange Hat Distribution !

Scream of Wheat !

Dante's "Cold" Cereal !

The Classic painting of the image whose download could not be completed !

The Collector !

George W Bush

Bush, again


A Clockwork Cereal !

THE MOST offensive (fake)advertisement to ever be banned from all televised media
Okay, at the moment, this page is best viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5.x or better and Mozilla 1.2.x or better @ 1024x768 or better resolution. In Netscape 6.2, there's some strange rendering error that I can't control, and in Konquerer (the old Konquerer) The posts are not confined to the small block in the center, and just scroll down the page like a normal web site -- which isn't a bad thing ... the errors could've been worse. In fact, I'll probably just make a filter for Netscape browsers and make the website do the same thing as it does for Konquerer so I can get around the darn text-rendering bug. Finally, I fixed the strange problem I was having with Linux-spawned browsers when clicking on the subdirectory buttons, which was rather bizarre, as well as the text-rendering problems I was having in Mozilla.
oh, btw ... here's Charmane's brilliant analysis of time and effort

Monday, December 09, 2002

Hellz yeah! I was just updating my résumé recently, and I decided to check to see what my current typing speed was, and I turned out with 77 PERFECT words per minute ... NO MISTAKES ! ! ! yeeha ! !
I guess I should post the thing up once I'm done, shouldn't I ? Wait ... I AM done !
Oh, btw.. and if you want to check your own typing speed for free, you can do it here! :
Take a look at their top 100 typers...the speeds are just crazy!
and even more interesting...here's the world's fastest typer as recorded by Guiness World Records!

Sunday, December 08, 2002

**peeks out from under his rock** "Is it safe?"
Well...maybe I should also talk about my strange experience on Friday.
I went to bed at about 4:00 or 5:00 ... am. I'd been programming on an unsuccessful encryption project - and I still don't know whether it runs properly, because I spent this past weekend trying to help out with family chores. I've come to the conclusion that since no one in my family gets the picture that my school life and home life need to be separated in order to maintain some peace, I must separate them myself. =P
Here's some chat from me and a friend that'll hopefully tickle your funny bone ... the friend's name has been changed to protect him, but he knows who he is! =P
--This has been heavily edited for content --
(9:51:38 PM): their site is slow for me
TheJascal (9:51:48 PM): same here
(9:52:01 PM): well its probly packed
TheJascal (9:52:19 PM): dammit
TheJascal (9:52:57 PM): I can't fantasize about being there when I'm thinking about the line ... must be longer than one at DisneyWorld ...
(9:53:13 PM): lol
(9:53:16 PM): i wouldn't care
TheJascal (9:53:29 PM): as long as they were tested for diseases.
(9:53:38 PM): of course it is
TheJascal (9:53:59 PM): I wouldn't want to wake up with a $1k itch.
I haven't been maintaining this page as well as I would've liked...well, that's not true...I've been maintaining it like crazy...I just haven't been maintaining the actual log entries!!! So I guess I might as well start off with ARRRRGH!!! FINALS ARE COMING!!! THE FINALS ARE COMING!!!!
*runs off shouting like a mad man and hides under a rock.**

Friday, December 06, 2002

Okay, I normally don't do this, but here are a few more bizarre quizes for your enjoyment, since I myself enjoyed them...
At any rate, I gotta get to class...got a great story to tell, though!!!
Btw... I found these thru Charmane's site. Whoever Quizilla is, and ESPECIALLY Paradox, they certainly rock!!!

You are a pheonix.

What legend are you?.
Take the Legendary Being Quiz by


I am truly passionate.
Find your soul type at kelly.moranweb.com.

How Horny Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Well...Mike2 and Charmane could be right about my site but I don't want them to be right...=P I worked hard on this dumb thing...but who knows...I may remove some excess junk and swap around a few things, and make the layout similar to my old one...but I will not go back to the old layout, as cool as everyone says it is...simply because of the fact that it is not mine :(
It's 1:54 AM and I'm implementing RSA encryption in the Icon programming language for CSC 372 . It's due at 5:00 pm. I've been wasting several hours fiddling with this site instead, which has brought me to quite a predicament. Alot of things have been going on lately...Joanne, a friend of mine from Seattle instant-messaged me awhile back...I haven't talked with her in a long time...she's in China right now! She has some stories to tell, but I haven't gotten around to reading them yet...maybe I'll do that on my next break from the RSA encryption homework. I'll post 'em when I get the time, and her pictures, too...she has some pictures online! Another friend from Seattle recently snail-mailed me... Marc, from Brazil...spelled "Brasil" if you live there. He's MM, so he's in the middle of his Mission right now, having a great time. He's been promising me that he's not being brainwashed :) So all I can do is hope for the best ! Finally, I recently talked to my friends Paul and Brian, from Seattle...Brian's moving to Florida, and Paul...well...hell, I know what he's going through right now... damn...the "let's just be friends"-speech is a cruel and evil master. It seems he's found Religion again :) . I'll have pictures of everyone up within another two weeks. That's all for now !

Monday, December 02, 2002

Well, here it is, for better or worse....aw, hell...what am I talking about...simply for worse...I give you...at NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER....
My C# +e+ris clone!
Left arrow is left,
right arrow is right,
down arrow is speedup,
and up arrow is rotate.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any crap that may happen to your computer while playing this game.
By the way... if you haven't used Windows automatic update in the past few months, you need to install the Windows.NET framework...it's 20.4 megabytes
in order to play the game, or run any ".NET" applications. Gawd...Well, I hear they're including it in the next release of Windows, anyway, so it shouldn't matter much in another few years...jeez...well at least you don't have to download as much as the java virtual machine...gah!

The game is not done yet, the refreshing sucks and needs to be recoded to get rid of that stupid blinking effect, it only goes up to a certain speed, you can't choose your own level yet, there's no sounds, the cheat menu isn't enabled yet, the high score saver isn't encrypted, the high score only gives one high score and not any names, etc...etc...and finally, there might be one or two more bugs I don't know about. Ye gawds, the joy of programming. But the cool thing is that this code can be used as a springboard for old-school style side scrollers, like the original metriod...albeit quite different and the graphics badly need to be redone...but a guy can dream can't he? =P
If these bizarre bugs keep occuring on my web page, I'm just going to strip as much javascript from it as possible. I don't need the snazzy stuff, although it'd be nice. There are alternative routes to keeping this page the way it is...I'm looking into it after I finish this semester, though! Back in school...I'm behind in my work, nothing interesting is happening...friends are distancing themselves, family is ....well....acting in the way that only family can act... everything seems to be normal ! Wonderful ! I guess that means it is time to move on and continue my search for a good job! We'll see what happens.

Oh, and btw, it's official...ritalin IS safe, and not only safe, but actually enhances brain development in adhd children...
Follow this link for the details.
Ha. Nothing even needs to be said. Y'all know who you are ...
But just in case, I'm going to search for the medical journal to verify the findings, because you never know what kind of stupid $#1+ that the media will endorse these days...
current examples:
the claim that beef and milk are now healthy just because they contain trace amounts of a beneficial anticarcinogenic chemical compound.

the total downplaying of the seriousness of black mold...or at least the seriousness of the symptoms of the people whose homes are contaminated with it.

the claim that specific "dental" and whitening chewing gums as certain trident and dentyne products are actually beneficial to the teeth because of certain calcium secretions they give off, as well as the production of excess saliva to help break down excess food particles left in the mouth, neatly stepping around the fact that they contain simple sugars, aspartame, and/or phenylalanine, not to mention the fact that some people are predisposed to storing a bit of sugar in their saliva -- I'm not sure what this is called, but it's not actually stored IN the saliva mind you...I think...regardless, excess sugar and excess saliva can be quite harmful to the teeth, not the opposite !

And speaking of simple sugars, DON'T USE ASPARTAME OR PHENYLALANINE ! You're better off eating the real thing (unless you're diabetic, in which case, the following doesn't even apply to you!) Why? Here's what happens when you eat that stuff:
along the route to being digested, the food you eat goes through a series of filters and detectors...several of these detectors search primarily for signs of simple sugars. ENTER: fake sugars...Most fake sugars...such as aspartame/phenylalanine trick these detectors into thinking that they're detecting sugar when they're not...so the body releases insulin into the bloodstream, ready to pick up sugar that isn't there...the body gets tired...and worse, since the insulin isn't picking up any sugar, the body sends a signal to the brain saying, "You're still hungry. Eat MORE!" So is "diet" cola really "diet"? Not in my opinion. =)

There's more...but I'm bored. =P

Come on, people! THINK !

Saturday, November 30, 2002

New Poll !!! Would you rather have an everlasting, pure, untainted, healthy, meaningful true love (i.e. - a soulmate) or Complete World Peace where the people of the world come together and eliminate all hate, murder, and crime? Come on, they're not that bad...you CAN answer this !!!! You brave souls who DARE to answer, please do so in the comments link below :-)
(yes, I know they all have a relatively simplistic common theme, but hey, I post the ones that I like, okay? =P )

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Well well well...last night was most definitely an interesting night for wasting time...I worked my butt off, but I'm still right where I started...nowhere...Well, not really. I've got Tetris! Andy was going to be nice and let me turn this extra credit assignment in a bit late, but To hell with it. He's already setting up another extra credit project that's due at the end of the semester...something to do with XML serialization. sounds entertaining...I feel so damn woozy...Gotta call home and find out what's up, and EAT! I brought a lot of food to school with me yesterday, and I've gone straight through it! It seems that Tuesday was indeed the last day of classes for the week, so I AM VERY F***ING HAPPY! INCREDIBLY HAPPY. Gah...Tetris...like this web site...Technically you can highlight different parts of the posts in Netscape and while you still aren't able to read what the text says, you can tell it's there because the status bar still says there's a link there....dammit, My javascript is fine as far as I can tell, but Netscape still isn't registering! I don't get it, as soon as I get the thing working in two browsers, there's another few that it doesn't like anymore...MSIE 5.5, NS 6.0, Mozilla 1.0 & earlier....meh
I say MEH !!!! MEH!!!!

Monday, November 25, 2002

Thought of the day: People are far more sick and twisted than you will ever even think to give credit for. The friend whom you think is well-mannered one day may be the same friend who grabs your ass the next. And I'm a guy. What does that tell you? Every time I f***ing turn around, some shit is happening somewhere that I really didn't want to know about. It's really too bad too... damn funny, but so sensitive that I can't post the details anywhere. What the hell is the point of a public journal if you can't give the important details, eh? Heh...apparently, the University of Arizona's Daily Wildcat Newspaper agrees...Recently, the 4th floor of the library seems to be the place for masturbation, idiots attempting to pick up women, and male sex, such that there are signs in the public restrooms there clearly stating "NO SEX"! Too bizarre!
Oh, btw..Charmane posted a great list of anti-one-liners for women to reply to guys' pickup lines. They're wonderful!
Oh...and here's the weekly test (I don't make 'em, I just do 'em & post 'em):

Your magical style is Magus.

What type of Magic do you work?
Take the Magical Style Quiz by

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Well, well, well...it's 5:55pm...on Sunday night...I'm still working on the C# tetris clone...But I'm taking a break right now...gotta eat...and play with the web page =P ... anyway...I'm just about done at least with the web site...just need to add the polls and change the color scheme. Yay! and I got the quote system working properly, too!

'It is unwise to upset a dragon, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.' - Krae

Saturday, November 23, 2002

I just found an ugly little bug in my code...well, it's not a bug...but I still need to fix it. Every time a link within this site gets clicked on, the page shifts downwards a bit, so I'm going to need to make a special place for the most recently clicked anchor in order to circumvent this annoying little thing. Man I had another weird night last night...hell'z bellz, but I slept through this whole day with two of the most strangest dreams I've ever had...the first was okay, but turned into a slight nightmare...a sort of recap of events, philosophies, and emotions of the past two months...quite scary, really. It made me feel rather bad about the past few weeks. Notice the fact that I'm completely skirting the actual details of the dream. email me and I'll tell you about it, though. THE POLLS WILL BE BACK UP SOON!!!! As soon as I finish my C# tetris-clone project...in fact, I'll probably be adding a "code" section to my site shortly after, so all who have Windows ME or better (with 'DotNET' components installed) can play the game...
damn...I need to add the current date to the recent posts...and update the picture links...they still link to the month-long archives instead of the week-long ones... and THAT PICTURE OF ME IS SOOOO AWEFUL!!!!!!!!!!! gawd...my eyes look 4 feet apart and I look like a f***ing prison inmate or something! ....
Oh...and Ariana was absolutely right...it has ALL been done before... every single idea...in every single way...Every philosophy...aww...dammit...

Current music album I'm listening to: Brasileiro, by Sergio Mendes... find/buy/download the song "Magalenha" or its remix, either one...both are awesome but quite similar (I think I like the remix a bit better)...and the Fanfarra. (Cabua-Le-Le version)
I remember that was one of the first CD's I remember seeing my mom buy... I haven't thought about those songs in a long time until I was rummaging through all the old scratched and broken CDs that I have for stuff that I might want to find off of kazaa.

Friday, November 22, 2002

I'm just about done! All that I need to do now is post up the polls!!! And then who knows?! I'll probably clean up my ugly code, then change the color scheme to match the original design... and then post links on javascripting, and how to make javascript object syntax act like java class syntax.but until then , l8r !

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Mozilla Javascript Console/Debugger RULES!
I think I obsess waaay too much...
I'm going to see the 2nd Harry Potter Movie in 7-8 hours...
Hopefully I won't be near this evil evil contraption for awhile...
after I'm done, I'm not going to f*ing change a f*ing thing with this template in a very long f*ing time...at least I hope I'm not....

Friday, November 15, 2002

Breathe in...breathe out...repeat...
Wow...it's just too bad. I was supposed to get my butt in gear and bike over to Coral & Eddie's youth house...hang out with them...play on the drums, call Ariana to come over and hang out...Susan, Coral, Eddie, Alex, and everyone else and we'd all have a good time...but I've spent too much time already and I must get home...damn. Oh well. That's how life goes...you can go back...but not without consequences! Do I plan on going back or do I plan on going home? Good question. One that may be safely answered in a resounding HOME! SLEEP! and then I get to work. blah. And then I get to go back to work on a web page and on cgi scripting...why do I work on that so feverently? BECAUSE I WANT TO GET A JOB! A good job. So I can move out. So I can be independent. So I can live closer to the school.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

ugubuh...Once again...I've done another half-day programming stint...it's late, I'm tired...my legs are tired...my wrists are tired...I'm hungry....I've been programming since 2:00...wow...
I'm at the computer lab...I missed the last bus at 11:10 or so...I was coming to a halt on the northeast corner of ...um...park? and broadway, when I saw the bus slowly droning on from euclid---grr... I saw it pass me by as I feverently waited for traffic to let me through. Came back here...got back to my homework...got a bit done...not to mention I cleaned up a lot of my web design code earlier today. Rock on. rock on.
gawd...back to work...I'm giving myself another 10 minutes, then I'm going to stop and wait for my dad to pick me up...I have no idea why he's not foaming at the mouth in frustration right now, but I'm not complaining! Onward!

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Oooh. my eyes hurt... I've been programming, html-designing, and working with art programs since early Saturday....And I'm only getting into the meat of my labor now! The only reason I'm doing this is because Blogspot needs proof that you can design webpages before they'll let you enter their li'l web design contest...So here I am, working hard and fast on a new web page template for my site. =D.
I think y'all will be pleased. So far, the toughest thing was ( and still is) picking out the best color palette. Everything else is/was just LOOONG, including the date-checking, automatic quote updating, automatic poll updating, automatic picture archiving, automatic archive tree-node system, the css, jss, and js, the images made from scratch...*whew*...! Did you know that if you copy your blogger AD code into your template, you can move it around? I WOULDN'T HIDE IT IF I WERE YOU....you might get in trouble...since they obviously have some sort of check for this in order to both trust and allow a blog user to mess with the ad code. and ya don't want to get in trouble! But say if the opposite was true, where part of the ad was hidden behind your original template, or if you just wanted to move it for aesthetic purposes, then this is your solution. Aren't the blog people so nice for allowing us to do that?

Heck, the only reasons I want to enter this contest are:
A: it gave me a reason to get better acquainted with the internet's most commonly used languages,
B: Once I'm done, I can put this site on a resume, stating, "I did THIS!"
C: If I win, I can put blogspot on a resume, stating, "I did THIS!"
D: If I get honorable mention, I can put that on a resume, too -- but I probably wouldn't want to put it on a resume unless I won =P
E: If I win, there'll be prizes!!!
F: Because I'm so idiotically full of myself, I want to see how I measure up with everyone else =P
G: For fun
H: Because I can use these skills in a job, and I'm JOBLESS RIGHT NOW!

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Wow...I think Singapore is exactly 12 hours ahead! That means it's in proximity to being on the opposite side of the world, doesn't it, as far as East & West are concerned, right?
Time to start C# tetris and a C# heap ADT... for class.

Friday, November 08, 2002

Okay...those are the only ones I'm posting for now...My limit'll be 1-2 every few weeks :-p
Now off to class!
What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Light Cycle.I am a Light Cycle.

I drive fast, I turn fast, I do everything fast. I even breakfast. I tend to confuse people with my sudden changes of heart. Sometimes I even confuse myself, which tends to cause problems. What Video Game Character Are You?
Yeah, I know...I'm trying to stay away from computers today...but this is really quick!

How Smart are you?

Ha ha ha....thanks, Charmane! I looooove compliments!
To answer your question, I go to the University of Arizona!

Now...finally...time to take a much needed rest from all things computer-related!
Whoops... 4:30 ... I'm a little behind schedule =D...I guess I was goofing off too much...but I'm DONE with my CompSci 372 homework!
*attempts to scamper off to school but trips on feet and falls alseep before hitting the floor*
I guess I'll spend the rest of my time working on my computer science 372 homework...that's due tomorrow at 2:00 anyway. Then I'll clean the kitchen and get an early start to school. Maybe just catch the first bus...hm...when is the first bus...?....4:37...hmm....too early...If I cleaned the kitchen then (and in the process, waking up EVERYONE), I'd never hear the end of it....I'll need to start the kitchen at 5:00...so I have 2 hours to do my homework...half an hour to get ready to go, 15 minutes to make breakfast and another 15 to eat...I'll get done cleaning by 5:20-35...leave at 5:40...and take the 5:58 #8 bus on Broadway to school. Then I can go to sleep at the Gould-Simpson Building...I can pass out on the couch in the computer-science student lounge =P. Security cards rule !
That gives me about 2&1/2 hours to sleep...I think I'll pass out in the Chemistry Building Auditorium instead...got a class there at 9.

Heh...This is what I hated about the Ritalin....I could simply do anything I put my mind to, and focus on that for hours on end...I could commit to a project and finish it, without feeling a need for food or sleep...it was dangerous...no...not was...IT IS dangerous...and I'm back at it again. Oh well...at least my grades'll make a comeback.
Well I signed up for all the high-profile search-engines a few days ago...we'll see how many hits this place gets in a few weeks, eh?
Halloween picture...this seems to be the scariest =P Who ever thought Mike would look so good in that costume? Oh, wait, oops, that's Christina. Mike's the one on the left. Well, it is a Halloween costume !

The youngest member of NukeCD? This is EmbersAlight, one of the artists for nukecd... She sent me this picture with permission to post, and so...I did.

Quote of the Day:

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

New poll: What is your mission in life? Are you actively seeking it now?
Post your replies by click on the Comments link below.
I talked to Ariana a little while ago. She seems to have a cool job, working with the faculty and staff of the CS department. Dang...everyone has a cool job... Susan's got one working at the Astronomy department... gets to work where she wants, when she wants, keeps her own hours, can't work more than 30 hours a week... and PROGRAMS!!! lucky lucky lucky .. That reminds me...I got a haircut yesterday, but the woman who cut my hair screwed up a bit on the front hairline, and she had to go over it several times before it was even enough for me to be satisfied...but she went over it so many times, I started TO BLEED! So she went through this process of cutting, then dabbing with alcohol, then wiping away and repeating! An interesting experience, in my book. I'll have the scars for a month or so...they'll probably heal right in time for my next haircut =D

I doubt I'm going to the open mic night tonight at Hazy Dayz. I'm really bummed out; I've missed it for the past couple of weeks, and want to go. When you go to Hazies on Wednesday night, you always get more interesting discussions and ideas in one night than you're accustomed to experiencing in a month!

Not to mention the fact that Hazy Dayz becomes a writer's community hangout on Wednesdays...it's always interesting to talk to the people there, listening and sharing ideas.

For some reason this photo turned out the best.  Jo has her hands in what seems to the greeting of choice for all of us these days.
Me and Jo, taking a break from jogging with Harlequin and Baby at the nonprofit animal sanctuary... I think that's Baby, anyway. Alex took this picture. I think he was holding Amigo's leash...maybe I should've had him take the other pictures...he seems to have done a better job than I. =P
This is the final picture for now. There are more, but I haven't used up the film yet...There should be some more pictures of the ratpack, halloween, Jonya, Chad, Melissa, the dogs, horses, pigs, desert, and BILLYBOB knows what else. We also missed a member of the ratpack...Colin's pic isn't on the site yet.
Awww, don't they both just look so adorably naughty together?
Alex and Susan, on Halloween night, after the picnic at the graveyard. Susan is a cool gal...a computer science enthusiast with a thing for strippers =D
No, no, no, I'm not trying to presume that she's all about computers and strippers. These are just character summaries! What did you expect, in-depth biographies and real-life discussions?! To that I say, "Meh!"
A rare picture of Alex in a wilderness environment with live animals
This is Jo and Alex, on a small trail made for the dogs to get some exercise at the nonprofit animal sanctuary. Jo is a free spirit, and an incredibly brilliant writer/performer/fire-twirler/philosopher -- she actually lives by her philosophy....unheard of, no?....Well, Alex lives by his philosophy, too, but he's the creator of Slak-fu. All he has to do to follow his beliefs is do as little as possible :-p
Note to self: don't annoy people by taking pictures of them while they're facing the sun!
This is Melissa, a calm and caring free spirit who spends at least two days a week volunteering at a non-profit animal shelter. She's also a great writer, but I don't believe I've had the pleasure of viewing her work yet.
**She's squinting because she's facing the sun...my fault :( **
I can't remember the dog's name right now...or any of the names of the dogs in the pictures ...I'll post 'em up later =D
Flash for the camera!
This is Alex flashing for the camera with Colin's overcoat. Taken on Halloween night.
Strike a pose!
This isn't just a picture of one person...well sort of.  It's a picture of the body and brain, Mike.  But the person most prominent in the photo is Rembion.  Others in the background <i>might be</i> Micheru, Samurai Lady, Kraethon, ZeroHero, Ghost, Rembion the Original, and 28 other unidentifiable beings
This is Mike#1, the original, not the diet stuff. And NO, he is NOT Mike#2 He is the Founder, Recruiter, and Webmaster of NukeCD, and makes sure that the programming projects (mainly our online rpg) never become Vaporware and die. Yet another member of the ratpack, he is the local hacker database.
(*Big cheesy grin*)
(BeginQuote): 300 frags, man...300 FRAGS!   My hands are tingling! (EndQuote)This is Mike2 (the sequel), dressed in choice props from various Halloween costumes . Another member of the ratpack, he is the 'token' gun advocate, anime-god, and, like Killjoy, a walking encyclopedia of random&cool facts.
Are you beginning to see a pattern of categorizing? =D
This is killjoy, senior server-code programmer for NukeCD.  You can see why we call him 'Killjoy'This is Killjoy, fellow member of our little ratpack. His official title is the Cynical Voice of Reason. =D His brain is stuffed with more strange facts and information than almost anyone else I know.
A picture of me on Halloween night...yeah, so I didn't dress scary, so what?  I went to a freakin' cemetery!Image #1: This is me on Halloween night! So is that underdressed or overdressed for a graveyard picnic?
Pictures are scanned ... will be posted soon. My step-brother leaves today. I'd rather that he didn't leave under such circumstances as these. His mom is dying of pancreatic cancer. But he's going back to Seattle...most likely to stay. I'm not even sure if I'll get to say goodbye. Anyway, I'm kickin' it at Alex's with him and Susan...heh. I walked in about ten minutes ago and I don't know what they were doing, but they were fairly jumpy when I walked into his room...:-D
I'm joking...they were just sleeping. heh. But I say this as they both are behind me with rather large sticks in their hands, grinning. The past two days I've been helping mom at her school with the 1st graders...its been fun, and I sort of get brownie points for helping out...thus getting myself out of the sinkhole I've created. I'll probably do this as often as possible, now. 3:00 will be CS 372 time...damn...Susan's car was broken into a few nights ago. Apparently the thief tried to take the whole car, but was unsuccessful in starting the engine. Until it gets fixed, she's biking to school. The scary part about this is that her car was broken into at Alex's apartment complex! Bad juju, I tell you.

Oh yeah! Ran into some friends today...talked to Jo...she dyed her hair orange yesterday!!! It looks f***ing awesome! Alex, Susan, Eddie, Coral, Audrey, and some high school buddy of Eddie's went to Darwin Experience last night, but it was only so-so. I also met a friend of mine from Don Hinzeman's Kung-fu studio...he's also in the CS-major... apparently, Don's doing fine, and so is the studio...I also learned something new about my friend...he's received the black sashe from Don..essentially the highest rank...a black belt...hell...even the first belt test is hard...in one part of the test, you wear a white t-shirt, and go against 2-5 other people wearing white tshirts, who have red markers...you must have red marks on all of their tshirts, and none on yours to pass the test. It mimics the use of knives. Another belt test has you getting spun around until you're horribly dizzy and then you must grapple with your opponent. And one part of the final test is that you must get choked out and then revived, so you know what it feels like!!!! messed up! But Don's the BEST teacher you could possibly want...especially for women...apparently some guy was harassing a girl at the movie theater, when a student of Don's (a girl) jumped on his back, putting him in a choke hold and screamed, "NO, you give me YOUR wallet!" :-p 'nuff said...
I actually went to CS 245 this morning...when you audit a class, it suddenly becomes apparent that you really have to put in effort to do anything...even to go to class! Mom dropped me off at class...I was sooo happy. Stu Reges was actually teaching the class today, instead of Anna Segurson...nice. We actually learned and wrote down USEFUL info in class today!!! And no one fell asleep in class, today, either!! It's a f***ing miracle! oh well... Off to class. After class it's back to the compsci lab to finish C# homework. And to upload the pictures of course...if I get done, will I go to Open Mic night at Hazy Dayz? perhaps, perhaps not. We shall see. Will I have the willpower not to go? I need to sleep...but we won't know until the hour comes...
Quote of the Day: "Why is it I get my best ideas while shaving?"
-- Albert Einstein

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Quote of the day:"Some things you just can't f***ing understand. You might in the future, you might've in the past, but none of it does you a damn bit of good right now !"
-- Me

The photos are processed. I will post the best ones. I've got some homework to finish...then I'll see about getting to that temperament sorter...maybe.
I finally got Windows XP up and running!

Monday, November 04, 2002

I'll be posting up some information on the Keirsey Temperament sorter soon. It's fairly interesting. In a nutshell, it's another one of those tests that you fill out and the results tell you a bit about yourself, how you interact with other people, and gives pointers with how you can help yourself and help/understand others. The most interesting thing about this temperament sorter is that there are 4 main temperaments, but also there are 16 different types of people that you can fall under, which are loosely related to those temperaments...so it's not just "Extrovert" or "Introvert". It's quite in-depth. Something for you to chew on until I get the necessary info.
here's the website for anyone who's interested...I'm finding out right now if I'm allowed to post a self-implemented version of the sorter, so you don't have to give your email address and all that junk..etc..
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (just to be redundant :-p )
Here's some food for thought. The first piece of suprising news: there are 13 root servers to the internet. Think of them as the backbone. The internet can probably run for quite awhile without any of them, but not indefinitely.
Now: Recently, They've been hit with a distributed denial of service(ddos) attack, and all but 4-5 went down. The attack lasted an hour or so. This has been the biggest recorded attack against the backbone of the internet.

Anyway. I'm 8 minutes away from my mythology exam. I'm not feeling very pleased. There are some friends I've been meaning to talk to, but haven't been able to, for awhile now. I need to get a job... ...lovely...

now for the good news.

I'm working on several different projects to get money
Photos from various events are being processed even as I type this. The best ones will be online shortly!

More weird internet info

And information showing that the internet is even LESS secure!
But the good news about this last link is that when more security breaches are found, the faster they get fixed.

Quote of the day: "Law and Logic are mutually exclusive. Ask any member of Congress."
-- From slashdot.org member ActiveSX.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Man oh man. Last night was weird. I don't even want to get into the details. All I'm going to do for the next few hours is work. I feel so strange.
Alex's family did bring the power cord and patch cable after all. So that's good news. I'm once again reevaluating my priorities. About to install WinXP. Then on to starting C#-tetris for my 386 class, and then more SML homework from 372. After that, I guess I'll go over my mythology notes.
Check out BeyondKinetic's awesome forum!
I just met Alex's family. What nice people! Susan, Jose, Alex, his parents, his brother, and I went out to the Sweet Tomato, where his parents treated us to Dinner! We learned some embarassing and funny things about Alex's past. Good stuff! Anyway, they also brought his bass and amp over, but we neglected to bring in the power cord and patch cable :( so he needs to remember to get those from them tomorrow. Back at Alex's we all sat and talked for awhile...which is what we're doing now, technically, but damn, I want to do something ELSE! They're just watching movie after movie...LET'S DO SOMETHING, GUYS!! GAH!

Friday, November 01, 2002

Wow. Last night was awesome. After homework, Alex, Susan, Mike, Colin, and I went to the cemetery. At the cemetery picnic, we talked about our phobias and jokes and such.
Funny thing, though. I only had 3/4ths of a beer, but for some reason, I felt like shit for the rest of the night and the morning after. Maybe it was a combination of lack of sleep, tiredness because we were already out so late, and I don't know what else. After we left the cemetery, we took some pictures, talked some more, and found out strange things about each other...such as the fact that you don't even need to tickle Susan to make her giggle and squirm...Alex showed us that all you need to do is "air-tickle". It's safe to say that Alex and Susan are either developing a brother-sister relationship or something that could turn into a romantic relationship.
When I felt confident enough to drive,(read: when I felt awake enough to drive) I went back home, but I was so tired, I fell asleep in the garage! I woke up in the car at about 7:34, handing the keys to Mom, moments later :-D so she could drive to work. I went to bed for two hours, and then got ready to go to class. Isaac told me that Ariana called at 8:00 last night. I'm happy. Heh. I thought I had an exam in mythology today, so, being the diligent student with a headache, stomach ache, fatigue, and dizziness, I studied on the bus, already late for class. I found out that today was just a review session. Twice in the same week and the same class, fate has given me a way out. At least I'm now ready for the test on Monday. Tonight I hope to eat dinner at Alex's; his parents are stopping by for the weekend, dropping off his bass and amp so we can jam, and they'll also be cooking. Matt is going to Phoenix...I told him to get those pictures from his brother, of the firespinning...
After mythology, I stopped by Ariana's office and said hi. When Isaac talked with her last night, she was suprised to hear his voice. That could imply a lot of things... an interesting question to ponder. But my brother and I are an interesting contrast.
Today I start my new medication.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Okay. Well. The plan was to go to a cemetery with my pals on All Hallow's Eve. And eat. I dunno what'll happen though. I've got more programming than I previously imagined. Not to mention I'm using the parents' car. Bad mojo all around. Good luck to me!
I have...mediocre news! I thought the most I'd get on my C# exam was a 77 since I missed the last problem on the test, which was worth a whopping 23 points. However, I somehow managed a 78. One point better than my expected maximum. I am pulling a B in this class now...I think (I hope) and if I continue to ace the programs, and do the extra credit (tetris) and ace the final...I may still be able to get an A!
Quote of the day: "Winners never quit, and quitters never win, but those who never win AND never quit are idiots."
-- Words of wisdom from Despair, Inc
Heh.. I guess I should explain what Hazy Dayz and Donnie Darko are. Donnie Darko is an awesome movie about a teen who can see the future. Hazy Dayz is an awesome hangout/coffee house/hookah bar/lunch bar/bar/writing community hangout/Wednesday Open Mic Night/pool-playing hangout in Tucson, just south of the University of Arizona. For you all that don't know what a hookah is, think of the thing that the caterpillar was smoking in Alice in Wonderland. No, it's not a bong :-D. It's essentially flavored air. usually one of several different flavors; apple, cherry, strawberry, peach, etc... of tobacco coals get lit up and then get filtered through a double filtration system of sand and water...a hellovalot safer than cigarettes. Not that I'd smoke hookahs often, mind you. Hazy Dayz is off of Park and...um...4th? I'll give better directions later. They're going to have some sort of new activity on Saturdays starting November 2nd.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Well here I am, again wasting my time. I didn't finish the homework assignment last night, so I'm using up my last free late day on my C# project. Thankfully a late day is defined as one time period between classes...so the assignment is due before thursday at 11:59 pm... we'll see what happens.
I've got class in 50 minutes, still programming, or at least trying to. I don't seem to want to focus right now. I've got so much to do, and so much I want to do. I may not get to go to Hazy Dayz or Donnie Darko, but dammit, I WILL fill out that work application today !!

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I met a guy named Jordan today, who was trying to sell his poetry (a bunch of small-fonted computer-printed poems stapled together) for whatever money/change people would give him. My curiousity was peaked, so I bought one, for all the change in the back of my backpack...something like $1.35. He had some interesting things to say...a lot of it was dealing with the usual topics : crimes against humanity... the establishment, capitalism, people being fed template lifestyles through media, etc...but Jordan's writing style is very clean and precise. It has reason and takes you somewhere, logically. Aside from its darkness, I really enjoyed it. I told him there were better ways to do what he was trying to do (trying to sell his work)....And that gave me a brilliant idea with Hazy Dayz...but I'll have to iron it out more before taking it seriously. It's got merit, but I don't want it to become a bad egg. Essentially, we take the best works of the poetry night, get a professor's endorsement, and publish. I'm doubtful that it would even get that far, anyway. Probably no more than a random daydream...
At any rate, I got his number, and will probably talk with him later...I'm going to try and get him to read his stuff on Wednesday at Hazies. I originally wanted to help him out with finding much more intelligent ways of selling/publishing his work...it just erked me so much that someone with such skill would be doing something in such a shoddy manner, but I don't have time, and I can't shift my gears like that. I'll still give him advice about publishing/producing his work, if he asks. I'm not necessarily one to give advice because I've never published anythign. I've researched different ways that I could get my work published, but first I need to finish writing it !!
Tonight there's the MS-SUG meeting, and there's also the Darwin Experience, which I will probably miss out, because of my schoolwork, but what can I say. My other friends know when and where the Darwin Experience is -- some go and some don't, but no one needs my prompting.

Woohoo yeah! I had my C# Test today. I barely made it to the test on time, I hadn't studied, and I had only printed out some helpful handouts five minutes before the test was scheduled to start. And I did not sign up for extended testing in time. Strangely enough, I actually got to the last problem before Andy stopped the test and made everyone hand their papers up. Unfortunately, that last question was worth 23 points. The BEST I can get on this test is probably a 77. Lucky me.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Quote of the day : Only dead fish swim with the current. -- From our good friend, the Masked Bandit . I only wish he was still around to make those damn funny quotes.
Score! Got to school at 6:55am, got in line for registering my cs classes at 7:00, and when the time came at 8:00 (there was a big line at 8) I was in and out in 5 minutes! I got all the classes I wanted except 496H...I need to get Susan Westbrook's permission to attend that one, since I am not in the honors college, and am not by any means an honors student :-p.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

Yeah! Just signed up for my classes! First part is done anyway...for me it's a two-step ; first I register for all non-cs classes. then on Monday, I go in very early to wait in line, as though I'm waiting for the first showing of a star wars movie, and sign up for the rest of my classes.
Here's my hopeful schedule:

Class NameCredit hoursDaysStartEnd
MATH 215 Linear Algebra3MW5:006:15
MUS 101A Exploring Music through Piano3MWF11:0011:50
C SC 425 Computer Networking3TueThur9:30 10:45
C SC 346 Discrete Structures5 MTWTF2:002:50
C SC 496H Adv Topics in CS Research1F1:001:50
C SC 452 Principles of Operating SystemsAuditMTWTh4:004:50

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Wow. sorry for the bizarre post -- I'm still keeping it here, but wow.
Well, here I am at school... walked to the bus stop and bussed over to pick up the bike. Didn't make it to yoga class. I'm attempting to go 120 mph on a 40mph road (THIS IS A METAPHOR!!! Don't freak out!). A friend gave me a link to a news article about a man who died from about .... 27? hours of nonstop gaming in an internet cafe. Not the first time this has happened either. Heh. I'll post the link up soon. If I slow down to 110mph, I could still kill myself quite easily. Not that I care. But there's some reason I'm still here. Anyway I bought a new backpack. Strangely enough, in this case I really did need the backpack. My old one keeps on unzipping while I ride the bike, and the handles on both main zippers have been destroyed. I needed a new bag. Since all my friends have had their jansports for years and years, and jansports that have been to more places than I, I figured I'd go with that brand -- makes things a lot easier, I hope. Damn, I'm taking time out of my life to explain in my journal why I bought a backpack. I'm so embittered right now. If you can only change your own perceptions, and not anyone else's, but at the same time, your main goal in life is peace/love/happiness, etc...which is undoubtedly the case for most people, then what else is there? Isn't that, in a sense, still a form of hedonism? What do we have to really keep us here? What is the point if we can't help others and all we're striving for is to be happy? That's not enough for me. I don't want to join a fucking rat race. Am I a hypocrite? Am I compassionate? Or is that another part of my self-esteem..my ego?

Friday, October 25, 2002

Okay! New Poll! This one's a bit stranger -- If you could only choose one or the other...which would it be? :

True, everlasting love...but without sex.
The best sex you can possibly experience, with the sexiest, most beautiful
specimen of the gender of your preference, whenever you want.

Place your answer in the comments link below.
(And I certainly would not recommend ever choosing just one or the other in such a relationship as we are discussing here!)
Well, I'm still debating whether or not to rename everyone...
Hi, guys! I'm back. There was no test in mythology. We did go to Gentle Ben's, and then to the Youth House that Coral and Eddie run. I gave Eddie his first drum lessons, and I got to play on a drumset... SOMETHING I HAVEN'T DONE IN ABOUT TWO YEARS! I'm so happy.

Ariana cancelled our outing tomorrow. She's got a lot of stuff to do, so we'll get together later on, when she's not so swamped. That works for me. I've got Yoga tomorrow!
I also need to go and pick up an application at the Guitar Center.
We'll see what happens.
Well here it is, almost time for class and I'm posting at the wrong time again. I'm meeting some friends at Gentle Ben's @ 2:00. God... I woke up late this morning, and then realized that I left my keys and my bag in my mom's car. Fortunately I had the bike chain, so I can still lock my bike up...but I think I may have a test in my mythology class...and I HAVE NOTHING TO STUDY WITH!!!! gack. Oh, good news...but old news now. My sister is staying for another two months. I guess I'll have a lot of time to visit with her. Good thing, too, considering just about everything I've wanted to do with her has fallen through. Oh well. On to destiny.
When I do post metadata, I'll have to change the names of my friends to protect privacy, I suppose. I doubt it'll matter, but I'm an obsessive-compulsive safety freak like that.
After the cs orientation I went over to the Modern Languages Building Auditorium with Jo and Jonya. On Thursdays they show German films with subtitles. tonight, they showed The Legends of Rita. This was based upon the history of the famous one-time terrorist, Rita Vogt, and about what her ideals were about, and how, all during her life, her belief in what she thought was right never wavered. It had points of dry humor, horror, romance, and tear-producing. All in all, it was a very good movie. Afterwards we went to the cafeteria and talked. My brother joined us later on, and Jo and Jonya soon left, going back home, while Ike and I played some pool. then we drove back home and crashed for the night, which brings us to this point.
Well, another day, another dungeon. (Also the name of a fantasy book by Greg Costikyan, btw)
The new CS-major orientation was today. The advisor, head of lab staff, and a few of the head teachers all talked to us about what we could expect, as majors, and what new changes there'd be.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

To meta or not to meta. If I dump meta-content into my page, then people will visit my site...but then I'll have more strangers checking out the site...hmmm
oh well... anyway, I guess when I have time I'll stick in the stuff that the search engines require.

I have a whole shizitload of things to say now, and I don't think I have much time to get into it.
I spent last night at Alex and Matt's again, away from home. I brought along the snare drum and Eddie's b-day present in preparation but I didn't see him at the darwin experience. However, I DID see Ryan! So we hung out a bit and watched the show, and I gave him Jonya's website URL, so he could get her phone # and stuff. Good thing...but it doesn't really matter since I know they must've both gone to the Open Mic tonight at Hazy Dayz...I'm so pissed that I missed out on that...but what I had to do was exponentially more important. I talked with Jo before the Darwin experience...and that talk cleared up a lot of questions I had been asking myself. There are just times where everything comes into focus. So many other things happened today. I talked with Ariana @ the Gould-Simpson building. She got a job working with the Comp-Sci department there, which is pretty damn cool. They even set aside her very own office. Had an emergency today...regarding myself of all things. I've been hurting myself way too much by not sleeping at regular intervals, and sneaking a sugary snack here and there...which for the rest of you wouldn't mean jack, but for me, it's the difference between being alert and falling asleep in class. More to come later on.
I'll have a new poll or two up, and links to previous polls...as soon as I find time to add the meta-content and junk. if you build it, they will come.... =D
I've got a lot to post today. A hellofalot. But I've got no time now, must run to class! damn.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Heya! I worked hard today, helping the Rolling Stone Magazine guys set up their displays in the morning, and I helped take stuff down. I got a helluvalotta free tshirts (Xmas & b-day presents) cd-r's, and candy ! (Halloween treats) Not to mention two demo cds. but everyone got those :-p. All in all, today was almost okay...if it weren't for the fact that I think I bombed my Icon exam for CS 372. It's not that I didn't know the material...hell, I think I perfectly answered just about everything that I actually finished!!! The bastards didn't give us nearly enough time. I should've signed up for double time, but again, like an idiot, I did not. I figured I could do the exam without the extra help =P. (((sigh))) Whatever. Still, I gotta look forward to the Darwin Experience tomorrow. Maybe Jo'll be up for it this time. And maybe our little group just might actually make it to Sakura's this time around, instead of IHOP ! =D. At any rate, I made an appointment with Eddie to start his drum lessons on Wednesday, and this morning, I exchanged info with a bassist, who recently exchanged info with a guitarist... HELLZ YEAH!! We're going to jam sometime soon! Let's see... oh yeah! I gotta finish making plans with the guys for our Midnight Halloween Cemetery Picnic !
Oh yeah, Jo and Melissa mentioned an outdoor movie theatre somewhere...I gotta find out where. I'll post up the location later.
Wow. I've got a lot to tell today....but not much time to type it. I've got a programming midterm to study for. Anyway, on Saturday, we went to See Spike and Mike's as planned, with Susan and her ex-boss. Susan's a wild one, and really cool. both she and her friend are my age, 23, which is really nice, but Jo was unable to go, because she woke up an hour after the show started. Spike and Mike's was twisted and sick, just as the festival's name implies...but it was also fairly entertaining. Nougat, Happy Fun Tree, and suprisingly enough, No Neck Joe were all funny. The only show that carried over from the last SMST was Tenacious D's little animated stint. And it costed $7, not $5, and there wasn't a student discount. :-(. After the show we went back to Alex's, where we all had fun and talked about relationships. It was great. I think Susan may have a thing for Alex, but then again, it's far too early to tell, although she has been calling him up to do all sorts of things with her ... including, of all things going to strip clubs!!! But since he's not yet 21, she's been doing that with other friends... She's a wild one.
Apparently I missed out on a live dj performance at Hazy Dayz, which is every Saturday night.
Anyway, on Sunday, Alex and I got out of the house to forage for food, and after a few hours, we made our way to Hazy Dayz to meet Jo and Melissa. I don't know how we did it, but we were somehow able to convince Alex to come along with us to the Nonprofit Animal Sanctuary! At first I didn't think he'd go -- in his words, "No...No...It's not slak-fu, no I can't, nu--okay." Hunh?!
Alex + exercise + work ?!!! wtf?! he claims it was so he could push his heart attack to at least age 30. =) . Anyway, heh heh...we have pictures to prove he was there! We had a blast, we walked almost all the dogs, got to pet the horses, but I didn't do much else. Melissa and Jo were able to get rid of all the tics off of one of the dogs. So far, I've seen the potbellied pig sanctuary, the dog and horse sanctuaries, but I haven't seen the cat sanctuary, and I don't know what other sanctuaries are out here. It's pretty cool, though. At the end of the day, we somehow began a weird conversation about being in a horror movie, and deciding who in the ranch were safe and who was slated to die, based on horror movies. An interesting conversation, but not one I'll likely bring up often. Melissa says she's going to go back on Wednesday and clean tics off of a few more dogs. I'm inclined to go with her and help out.
ANYWAY, I must get back to work on studying for the exam. I needed to type this in before I forgot any of it!
Oh, Jonya's planning on coming back to Tucson, next weekend, but she's not going to make it for the open mic, so I gotta remember to tell Ryan to get in touch with her.